Express cosmetology


When there is a week left before the publication, not a single professional will undertake complex cosmetic procedures, so you will have to limit yourself to basic face and body care.

It will not be possible to get rid of deep wrinkles and extra pounds, but a fresh and rested look is guaranteed.
For example, why not do a superficial chemical peel — it does not affect the deeper layers of the skin and does not require a long recovery. Exposure to acids (mandelic, glycolic, lactic, etc.) effectively removes dead cells from the surface of the face, evens out its relief.

The pores are narrowed, the fine network of wrinkles is slightly smoothed, the skin becomes more elastic. To complete the effect, add professional masks and serums to the care program — within a week your face will shine with beauty and health.

Pay attention also to modern complex cosmetic procedures for the body, such as scrubbing, hardware or thermal effects, or even a massage familiar from childhood. Such simple procedures tone up and give a good mood, it’s no secret that they are very, very pleasant.

Cosmetology programs based on special preparations — mineral mud, algae, sea salt and other sea products rich in useful microelements and vitamins — will help both relax and cheer up, restoring tone to tired muscles.

You can remove a few extra centimeters on the hips or waist with the help of various wraps, such as seaweed. True, we will warn you right away: the effect will be short-lived, since the decrease in volumes occurs mainly due to the removal of excess fluid from the body. Of course, after a short period of time everything will return to its place, but if you do a cosmetic procedure on the eve of the holiday, at the gala party you will look slim and fit. And yes, you will feel much better.

The well-established serotonin-stimulating chocolate wrap, a session in a SPA capsule, as well as an aromatic bath and professional massage will help relieve stress caused by a festive marathon (for example, New Year’s Eve), because even a single visit to the salon or an aesthetic clinic can work wonders, because self-care is a therapy not only for the body, but also for the soul, and what could be more beautiful than a smiling and contented woman!


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