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Watching the temperamental and incendiary gypsy dance, it is difficult to remain indifferent. The legs themselves ask to dance, and the hands move to the rhythm of the music

Gypsy traditions have deeply penetrated the cultures of other peoples. After all, the gypsies are nomads who settled all over the world. The Romals enriched their unique dances and songs with the art of the countries in which they lived, creating an original and unique cultural layer.

The history of the origin of the dance (gypsy girl with an exit)

The history of the Gypsy people has always aroused interest and controversy. For a long time it was believed that the Gypsies originated from Egypt. But in 1855 another version was proved. According to her, the birthplace of the nomadic people is India. The ancestors of the Gypsies belonged to the “home” caste, which occupies the lowest position in the caste system. Members of the «house» — itinerant musicians and singers — had an untouchable status. In the 5th century, due to the civil strife of the Indian principalities, the gypsies left India for the west, earning a living by dancing and singing. Along the way, the customs of immigrants from India were replenished with the traditions of settled peoples. For example, the Gypsies borrowed the art of divination from Greece, the language was enriched with Persian and Armenian words. Need often forced the nomadic people to beg, earn money by fortune-telling, and often steal.

The dance art was enriched by the cultural traditions of the peoples where the gypsies lived for a long time. So, the Spanish gypsies contributed to the culture of flamenco, the Hungarian gypsies created the gypsy Hungarian dance, unique in beauty and temperament. Russian gypsies inherited the traditions of their Hungarian relatives and, on the basis of Ugric melodies and dance movements, came up with both a heartfelt and temperamental dance “Gypsy with an exit”.

«Gypsy with an exit» became widespread in Russia in the 19th century. It is believed that the melody, considered by many to be folk, was composed by the conductor of the gypsy choir Ivan Vasiliev, the ancestor of Nikolai Vasiliev, a well-known performer of gypsy romances in the Soviet Union. People liked the melody because it had many variations, transitions from slow to fast parts. The gypsy has gained popularity throughout Russia, not only among representatives of the Romanesque group, but also among other nationalities. Now it is difficult to imagine a holiday or a corporate party, where the cheerful and provocative “Gypsy girl with an exit” would not be performed.

gypsy with a way out

What is a gypsy with an exit?

The dance «Gypsy girl with an exit» usually consists of two parts — slow and fast. Leisurely gypsy melodies are characterized by lyricism and penetration, in which a hidden temperament is felt. So in «Gypsy girl with an exit» the sensual melody of «exit» gradually accelerates, and the dance reaches a rapid pace, showing the virtuosic skill of the performers. Gypsy dances often have a plot basis, the theme of which is love, fidelity, jealousy, betrayal.

The musical size of the dance is 2/4. Figures are usually designed for 8-16 measures. The male party includes numerous crackers, percussion, squatting, tap dancing. The female part is based on elegant, graceful movements of the arms, shoulders, rotations of the body, and the head.

Types of dance

Types of «Gypsies with an exit» differ in the manner of execution. There are tabor, street, stage and salon gypsy dance.

Tabor dance stands out for its lack of system and variety. Romals try to impress their fellow tribesmen with their skill, inventing more and more new movements and combinations.

gypsy girl

stage dance performed by professional dancers, designed for the audience, which means it obeys the laws of the stage. It should be spectacular, taking into account the distance from the stage to the viewer.

salon dance — This is a kind of stage, but designed for a smaller space. It can be performed in restaurants, cafes, at the client’s home.

street dance maximally takes into account the mood of the audience, the situation, the space available for dancing. This type of gypsy is built on improvisation.

«Gypsy with an exit» won the hearts of not only gypsies. Representatives of other nationalities are happy to master the movements of Romanesque dances, introducing their own interpretation into them. Due to the huge popularity, the Roma culture is enriched, but loses its individuality. Each region has its own variants of sensual, expressive gypsy dances.

Dance Features

A feature of «Gypsy» is the presence of the composition. Even the street, tabor version suggests a plot basis that makes the dance a mini-performance. Characteristic movements inherent only to a gypsy are playing with numerous wide and puffy skirts, shoulder trembling, finger snaps, ringing monisto. A typical feature of gypsy dance is its soloism. A partner and a partner take turns showing their skills; a pair or collective dance is not characteristic of gypsies. The male part is full of tapping with heels, blows of the palms on the soles, shins, and thighs. The women’s party is softer, more plastic.

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