Encyclopedia of dance: Go-Go (go-go)


Go-go or go-go is an entertaining dance of erotic content, in which undressing is not supposed. This is an improvisational dance, relaxed and energetic, designed to ignite people on the dance floor of nightclubs.

Traditionally, Go-go is considered a club dance, however, contrary to stereotypes, it is far from being easy to perform. In addition, Go-go dancers need not only to beautifully perform all the movements, but also to charge those present with energy, to please themselves and others with their dance, to be the center of the club action.

History of occurrence

One version connects the name of the dance with the English expression «go-go», which can be translated as «come on, come on.» It is assumed that these were the words that the dancers shouted out, supporting DJs and artists performing in front of the public. According to another version, it is believed that Go-go is part of the French phrase «à gogo», which means «in abundance, in abundance», and it in turn goes back to the old French «la gogue» — «joy, happiness.»

Whatever the origin of the name of this dance, but in the early 60s of the last century in Hollywood in the Whiskey-A-Go-Go club, an interesting spectacle appeared: girls in short skirts began to dance in cages suspended from the ceiling, captivating and igniting all those present with their dances. Then this dance appeared in the bars of Japan.

Probably, these performances can be considered the beginning of the era of Go-go. The owners of night bars and clubs began to hire dancers in order to attract visitors. Go-go dance does not involve stripping, although its history knows the topless performance of Carol Doda in 1964, one of the famous Go-go performers who danced at the Condor Club in San Francisco for 22 years.

The Vietnam War spread Go-go to Saigon’s bars, where Americans entertained during lulls in hostilities.

Go-go was danced not only by girls, but also by men, this was especially typical in the 60s for gay clubs. Male dancers are popular in such establishments even now.


What is Go-Go?

In order not to create a false impression, we emphasize that Go-go dancers, unlike striptease performers, do not have the task of awakening sexual desires, they must be able to stir people up, ignite them with their dance and awaken the desire to move and have fun.

Currently, Go-go has become an indispensable attribute of nightclubs, private parties, discos. Despite the presence of dance schools offering Go-Go training, as a rule, many dancers come up with the elements and pattern of the dance on their own.

Of great importance for the Go-go dancer is the costume. Most often, these are shiny bright clothes with a minimum of fabric, effectively emphasizing the beautiful figures of the performers. Special costumes can also be used to create a certain image. An indispensable attribute in a dancer’s costume are boots. At the beginning of the development of this dance, they were called «go-go boots», now any boots that reach the knees are suitable.

Dance Features

For Go-go, there is no one strictly fixed style or direction. This dance is performed using elements from a variety of concepts: disco, R & B, house dance, belly dance, flamenco, etc. But it cannot be said that Go-go is a chaotic mixture of techniques and movements. In order to dance Go-go, you need to know different dance styles, improvise easily, skillfully combine them, move rhythmically, have inner energy and the ability to transfer it to others. Any tempo and style of music should not come as a surprise to go-go dancers. The most basic thing about Go-go dance is the absence of strict restrictions, the rise of fantasy and incredible drive!

Go-go dance, as a rule, is performed on a high stage, specially equipped pedestals or stands.

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