Cosmetics Anna Lotan


Cosmetics Anna Lotan

Anna Lotan Bio-Cosmetic Laboratories produces exclusive, effective and professional skin care products with a pronounced regenerating and revitalizing effect. Anna Lotan cosmetics are used by professional cosmetologists in spas and beauty salons around the world. Professionals in the field of cosmetology well speak of Anna Lotan, as its wide range allows you to select treatment regimens individually for each client. Also company Anna Lotan releases cosmetics for home use of the best quality.

Anna Lotan is the largest production in Israel, which is located on the Mediterranean coast. Anna Lotan is the founder of the company, a world-class scientist, the founder of the first cosmetic school in Israel, a leading professional in the field of cosmetology, cosmetic chemistry, the owner of many patented methods for treating skin problems; among them are methods of treating acne, rosacea, seborrhea, etc. In the late seventies, Anna opened her private laboratory for the research and production of cosmetics, the composition of which was based on floristic extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea. At the same time, Anna Lotan began to produce cosmetics of the same name at her personal factory in the city of Caesarea. Positive cosmetics reviews Anna Lotan quickly brought its creator popularity and recognition. Today, cosmetic series Barbados, Liquid Gold, A-Clear, Renova, New-Age, Greens, C-White and others are the result of a symbiosis of nanotechnology and natural ingredients.

In cosmetology circles, Anna Lotan has gained popularity as the creator of the exclusive patented Cool Hydration method (deep cleansing of the skin without exposure to a vaporizer). In the course of research, the maximum effectiveness was noticed from the use of other cosmetic procedures after using natural, rather than reconstituted gels.

Gels from cosmetics Anna Lotan used to create highly active emulsions, and the «Cool Hydration» technique increases the permeability of the skin for maximum exposure to the active substances of the drugs.

Laboratory cosmetics Anna Lotan uses natural organic materials for the production of cosmetics and minimizes the presence of chemical and non-natural components. That’s what it does cosmetics Anna Lotan especially delicate for any problematic skin. Absolutely all drugs undergo the strictest medical control and clinical testing. Many formulations have been approved in research as being hypoallergenic and for highly sensitive skin. Anna Lotan cosmetics are made using the latest technological and scientific achievements. The use of gels from Aloe and Echinacea in cosmetics allows us to adhere to strict European quality standards. All professional and home line cosmetics do not cause allergic reactions and are suitable even for hypersensitive skin. Buying cosmetics Anna Lotanyou will always be sure of its safety and quality.

Cosmetics Anna Lotan is a complex system that consists of initial and auxiliary means. A wide range of cosmetic products allows you to maximally individualize the care of any type of skin, taking into account all its needs. The latest achievements in biotechnology, exclusive combinations of plant and mineral substances, the rejection of artificial fragrances and synthetic preservatives guarantee the purity and high quality of Anna Lotan cosmetics.

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