Circular (Swiss) shower


Circular shower has many names. Among them are the Swiss shower and needle shower. But, whatever the name of this procedure, it is worth a try.

Circular (Swiss) shower refers to procedures that are widely used in hydrotherapy (treatment with fresh water through its external impact on the human body).

What it is?

Circular shower is one of the most pleasant treatments offered by hydrotherapy. It is carried out in a kind of box with vertical or horizontal pipes. Through them, a lot of jets are fed, which massage the body. Water is supplied under an average pressure of 1.5 atmospheres, and its temperature varies depending on the indications and purposes.

Water jets in a circular shower act as irritants — they tingle the skin finely. The shower acts on the surface of the whole body at the same time, in contrast to, for example, Charcot’s soul, which contributes to a complex effect on the body.

The recommended time for the procedure is from 5 to 20 minutes. It should be noted that the effect of the shower on the human nervous system differs depending on the duration of the procedure. If it lasts up to 5 minutes, the human body relaxes. If the procedure is delayed and the time exceeds 7-10 minutes, then the effect is the opposite — slight excitement and excellent tone.

The number and frequency of procedures are prescribed depending on the indications.

Circular shower: effect on the body

Circular shower has a general strengthening effect on the body, improves immunity. One of the main objectives of this procedure is to increase blood flow to the internal organs. And also, it is worth noting that such an effect increases physical and emotional activity, removes toxins and toxins.

Main indications:

  • obesity
  • cellulite
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (pain in the spine)
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system
  • nervous diseases, stress
  • hypotonia

A circular shower also helps regulate sleep, relieves stress and irritability.


This procedure, unfortunately, has a fairly large list of contraindications and limitations. Among them:

  • any type of cancer
  • hypertension (because the shower has a strong stimulating effect)
  • cardiovascular pathologies
  • allergies (skin manifestations)
  • infectious diseases
  • acute diseases of the internal organs
  • epilepsy
  • asthenia

And even if all of the above diseases are not related to you, do not forget that any treatment, including all types of hydrotherapy, should be prescribed by a doctor.

Useful soul to you!

Author: Natalia Kay

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