Cheerleading — dance sport


Gymnastics and dance, aerobics and acrobatics combined in a perky and lively cheerleading. Incendiary «chants» will spur the excitement of a sports team and lead it to victory

Cheerleading is both a sport and an art. This term comes from the English words “cheer”, which means “cheerful, encouraging exclamation”, and “lead”, which means “lead, manage”.

History of occurrence

Cheerleading appeared in the United States of America in the second half of the 19th century, and in the 70s of the last century it became widespread in sports competitions around the world. The creation of a positive atmosphere in sports has contributed to the rapid growth in popularity of cheerleading everywhere. Many famous figures in politics and show business were in support groups in their youth. Even the first persons of the state found charm in practicing this sport. Some of the most famous people involved in cheerleading are Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Jr., Madonna, Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz, Steve Martin and others.

In 2001, the International Cheerleading Federation was created, which included the countries of the European association. In the same year, Japan joined the cheerleading federation. The first World Cheerleading Championship was held in 2001 in Tokyo. Now the cheerleading federation includes not only European, but also Asian and Latin American countries, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and others. Of the countries of the African continent, the most famous popularizers of cheerleading are South Africa and Ecuador. Of the countries of the former Soviet Union, the federation includes Russia and Ukraine.

In Russia, cheerleading as a sport has existed for about ten years, and in Ukraine, official registration took place several years ago. In the post-Soviet space (Russia), the first team in this sport began its existence in 1996, simultaneously with the appearance of American football in Russia and was created under the Children’s League of American Football. The girls became interested in an unusual sport for Russia, and in 1998 the Assol Leisure Club appeared, the main goal of which was the development of support groups for sports teams.

In 1999, the Russian «Cherlides Federation» was registered and began its promotional activities. Later federations of support groups were created in St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Magnitogorsk, Volgograd, Perm and other cities. Cheerleading teams were rapidly gaining experience and mastering skills, and in 1999 they could already demonstrate their skills at the first cheerleading competition for the Federation Cup at the Dynamo Sports Palace. On February 12, 2007, the number of Russian sports was replenished with one more: cheerleading was officially registered as a sport. And in 2008, the Russian team took five prizes in the 1st stage of the World Cup. Now cheerleading schools exist in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries of the former Soviet Union.


What is cheerleading and its features

The first concept of cheerleading Russian residents learned from American films. Many sports-themed films contain episodes in which charming young girls in short puffy skirts cheer their sports team with synchronized movements, shouts and slogans. Cheerleading is better known to us under the name of «cheerleading groups». Girls from these groups prepare a special program for each competition, consisting of dance movements, sports elements, encouraging shouts in order to cheer up the team they support. This is both a choreographic show and a psychological setting for a good result. This type of cheerleading has the following goals:

  • promoting a healthy and sporty lifestyle
  • mass attraction of people to physical education and sports
  • creating a positive mood in the stadiums
  • mitigation of fan aggression

Another direction of cheerleading is the participation of cheerleading teams in competitions in accordance with existing rules.

Cheerleading competition nominations

Nomination ulcer includes a demonstration of elements of gymnastics, dance rebuilding to the music, sonorous slogans, chants, building pyramids.

In the nomination account the emphasis is on choreography. The flexibility and plasticity of performers, synchronism, interaction with each other are evaluated.

Cheer mix — a nomination in which mixed (male and female) teams take part.

Group Stunt — in this nomination, the emphasis is on the construction of pyramids.

Individual Cheerleader — demonstration by the team leader of his solo number.

There are two more varieties of cheerleading cheer dance show and corporate cheerleading.

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