Breeding dumbbells on an incline bench


Breeding dumbbells performed on an inclined bench allows you to shift the emphasis of the load on the top of the pectoral muscles

Benefit exercises

Breeding or «wiring» dumbbells does not apply to mass-gathering exercises. But the benefits of it in the context of working on the shape, separation and relief of the pectoral muscles are undeniable. Dumbbell incline raises give a distinct shape to the upper part of the pectoralis major muscle, highlighting its inner upper edge.

In addition, the regular performance of dilutions on an incline bench will improve athletic performance in martial arts, tennis, javelin throwing, basketball, handball, badminton and many others.

Incline Dumbbell Raise Technique

Correct execution technique:

1. Set the back of the bench at an angle of 30-45 degrees to the horizontal (the larger the angle, the greater the load on the deltas). Lie on a bench, put your feet wider than your shoulders and rest the entire sole of your foot on the floor. Press your head, back and hips against the bench and do not tear them off throughout the exercise. Take a dumbbell in each hand so that the palms look at each other, and lift their top, holding them on almost straightened arms above the chest. This is the starting position.

2. Inhale, hold your breath and, moving strictly in a vertical plane, smoothly spread your arms with dumbbells to the sides to shoulder level or, if stretching allows, a little lower. Upon reaching the bottom point, without pause and jerks, begin to raise your hands to their original position. When you get past the hardest part, exhale.

3. After a pause at the top point, do the next rep.

It is important:

Master the exercise technique exclusively with small weights. Since this is not a purely strength exercise, the correct trajectory of movement and pace play a more important role than the weight of the weight. Focus on the fact that when you press dumbbells, you will always work with more weights.

Perform the exercise at a moderate and smooth pace, this will allow you to control the trajectory of movement and protect against injury.

When performing the exercise, keep your arms slightly bent at the elbows, straightening them completely, you risk injury, and bending too much — the exercise turns into a kind of dumbbell press.

Don’t aim to lower your arms well below shoulder level, as this puts more strain on your shoulder joints and tendons. And if you want to increase the load and achieve maximum contraction of muscle fibers, then simply reduce the dumbbells at the top point as close to each other as possible.

Do not raise your head from the bench and do not bend in the lower back, this is fraught with injury.

Do not take your feet off the floor — the feet are the points of support for maintaining balance.

Holding your breath in the «heavy phase» of the exercise allows you not to relax the muscles responsible for stabilizing the body, and reduces the likelihood of injury.

Options exercises

Breeding dumbbells on a horizontal bench.

Working muscles when performing dumbbell dilutions on an incline bench

  • pectoral muscles
  • deltoid muscles (anterior bundle)

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