Breathable pullovers


Respiratory pullovers are performed in order to increase the volume of the chest

Benefit exercises

Like the Raider deadlift, breathing pullovers are not a strength exercise, but a stretching exercise. Therefore, it will be most effective for young athletes, although it will not be useless in adulthood. The main difference from conventional pullovers is that it is performed on straight arms and with much less weight.

The main benefit of breathing pullovers is an increase in chest volume, and an improvement in posture will be a nice bonus for you.

Technique for performing breathing pullovers

1. Lie with your whole body on an athletic bench, bend your legs at the knees and put them on the bench too. Pick up weights with a shoulder-width grip, or already if you are working with a plate or dumbbells, and not a barbell. Hold the weight on straightened arms above the chest. This is the starting position.

2. While inhaling, slowly lower the weight on straightened arms behind your head to the level of the bench or slightly lower. And at the bottom point on the pause, try to take another extra breath.

3. Exhale as smoothly return to the starting position. After a pause, do another repetition.

It is important:

Remember, in this exercise, it is not the weight of the weight that matters, but the correct execution of the exercise. If you did everything right, then after the exercise there will be a feeling of slight discomfort in the chest. Therefore, work with minimal weights and take your time to increase them along the way.

In the process of lowering the weight, try to straighten the ribs and chest.

Do not bend your elbows during the exercise.

Breathing pullovers are not high-intensity exercises, so you can do them more often than strength exercises.

Alternative exercises

  • Raider thrust

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