Beautiful lips. Fight against dryness


In the off-season, the problem of dry lips is exacerbated. They crack and peel, thereby creating a feeling of discomfort and significantly spoil the appearance of the face.

There are three main causes of dry lips. It should be noted that they are found both in pure form and in mixed form. It is only necessary to determine which of them are yours. By excluding them, you will provide yourself with beautiful lips at any time of the year.

Beautiful lips and the balance of vitamins in the body

How to determine the lack of vitamins

Lack of vitamins A and E most often causes dry and flaky lips. The result is cracking and pain. And, for example, cracks and irritation in the corners of the lips are most often caused by a lack of B vitamins.

In addition to the actual problems with the lips, a lack of vitamins causes other symptoms. After analyzing them, we can conclude which vitamin you lack.

So, low levels of vitamin A in the body cause increased fatigue. Do not confuse objective and unreasonable fatigue. If you worked from morning until late in the evening, worked out at the gym during the lunch break, and after a hard day cleaned the apartment and cooked dinner and then felt dizzy, then do not rush to check this symptom, because the lack of energy is quite justified. Also, a symptom of a lack of Vitamin A can be frequent colds and respiratory diseases.

Vitamin E deficiency manifests itself in the form of an irregular menstrual cycle. And also contributes to weight gain and obesity, because. This vitamin activates the processes of lipid splitting.

How to identify an overabundance of vitamins

It should also be remembered that, just like a lack, an excess of vitamins in the body is also harmful. And if in the case of vitamin E this is difficult to achieve (since it does not linger in the body for a long time), then an excess of vitamin A can also lead to dry and flaky lips.

Symptoms of high levels of vitamin A include itchy skin, dry hair, darkening of some areas of the skin, increased nervous excitability and poor sleep.

What to do

Try to balance the content of vitamins in the body. The beauty of the lips can directly depend on what you eat. You can read about which foods which vitamins to look for here.

Lips and dehydration

The second reason why beautiful lips become dry is any kind of dehydration.

Causes of dehydration and how to deal with them

The main cause of dehydration is the lack of moisture in the body. This reason is simple and understandable. Just drink more water. Cut down on tea and coffee (these are diuretic drinks).

Very often, irritation appears from the frequent use of fluoride-containing toothpastes. Fluoride dries out the skin. And the more toxic the paste, the more likely it is that beautiful lips will become chapped and dry. It is also worth knowing that fluoride often causes allergic reactions. Therefore, it is worth doing allergy tests. And in any case, when buying a paste, look at its composition. If possible, purchase fluoride-free toothpaste.

The cause of dehydration can be persistent lipsticks that stay on the lips for more than 3 hours. Lipsticks of this type penetrate deeply, degrease the skin and stimulate the rapid evaporation of moisture from the surface of the lips. We rarely read instructions, but all self-respecting manufacturers always indicate that such products are not intended for daily use. These lipsticks are suitable for professional makeup. Or for one-time use (parties, important events, etc.). After applying persistent lipstick, be sure to moisturize your lips — use a balm or make a mask.

And of course, do not forget that, for example, in winter, lips suffer more than ever from the effects of wind and frost, which is also the cause of dehydration. We cannot influence the weather. But daily moisturizing lips is quite subject to us. Today there are many lip balms and creams, but the best and most effective products are natural ones. For example, one of the best ways to fight for beautiful lips is warm olive oil compresses.

Lips and gastrointestinal problems

An important cause of dry lips are problems of the gastrointestinal tract. It is not difficult to determine such a reason. Any discomfort that is associated with the intake, digestion of food, serves as a signal that not all is well in the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, there is only one piece of advice — contact a gastroenterologist.


So, there are many reasons that cause dry lips. Don’t generalize or ignore them. After all, this may be a manifestation of more global problems. Well, if serious reasons are excluded, then moisturize your lips, periodically do a gentle peeling with a toothbrush (this will increase blood flow and speed up cell regeneration), do not lick your lips in the cold and then you are provided with beautiful lips in any weather and season!

Author: Natalia Kay

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