Yoga and fitness


The means of rapid recovery of the body after fitness training has been found — this is yoga

Why yoga?

So, you are like a tightly stretched string: you train fanatically with weights, sit on a balanced diet, cover ten kilometers on a home bicycle ergometer in the morning, and go to sports dances in the evenings … A risky business, to be sure, because you are one step away from overtraining. However, you can’t stop, because the prospect of switching to the 44th size is closer than ever. How to be here? Do yoga!

At first glance, such a proposal looks like a mockery — why add a new item to a sports fitness schedule that is already bursting with tension? Meanwhile, yoga is needed like air! The fact is that strength and aerobic training is, after all, a kind of stress. Resisting stress, the body acquires new positive qualities — it increases strength and endurance, gets rid of ballast — adipose tissue, and increases muscle mass. However, as fitness training increases, resistance to training stress decreases. Accordingly, the return of exercises also decreases. Everything can end with severe chronic fatigue — overtraining.

So, the best way to maintain high stress resistance of the body is active rest. If you rest passively, without accelerating blood flow, you will not wait for the effect of washing out the training toxins from the body. Well, slagging with toxins is the main reason for the decrease in the vitality of the body. Previously, experts recommended that female fans spend at least two days a week on long walks or Pilates.

However, today the opinion of science has changed. It turns out that there is nothing better for a fitness athlete than yoga! Asanas have a magical ability to quickly restore strength and at the same time save calories, each of which is already on a special account. (Yoga is half as energy intensive as walking or Pilates, and three times less than jogging). There are two options here: either reserve a separate day for yoga, or practice it after a regular strength or aerobic workout.

Rest for the body, exercise for the mind

Yoga is good because you can feel the effect of it immediately after the first lesson. Usually experts start with slow movements, then gradually increase the intensity, and end the yoga session with exercises that help to relax. As a result, you experience a feeling of blissful peace and tranquility. And this is not a game of sensations. Yoga powerfully stimulates blood circulation and thus helps to get rid of harmful metabolic by-products. As a result, strength is restored in a shock order, and well-being improves.

Experts draw attention to the fact that yoga is not only relaxation for the body, but also exercise for the mind. The connection of physiological processes with mental processes is well known, but nowhere is it more obvious than in yoga. Because Asanas affect those aspects of brain activity that we have no idea about in ordinary life. For example, yoga develops a special inner «hearing», when you seem to hear the body, tuning in with it on the same wavelength …

Pros of Yoga

Yoga helps to identify our «weak» places. For example, weak flexibility of individual joints or loss of muscle coordination.

Yoga «educates» the breath. Breathing is one of the most important wisdoms of yoga. Its effect on the body is such that after class you will feel both relaxed and energized.

Aerobic exercises habitual to us do not give such an effect. Yoga teaches you to work without adrenaline, and this is much more useful.

Yoga is not like either strength or aerobic exercise. The novelty of yoga benefits both your body and your spirit.

Yoga Helps Injury Recovery

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