Wrist curls with barbell behind back


Bending the wrists behind the back is an exercise that allows you to work out the muscles of the forearms to the greatest extent.

Benefit exercises

The wrist curl behind the back is the best exercise for strength work on the forearm flexors. Due to the non-classical arrangement of the hands, as well as the absence of a bench as a support, the load on the muscles of the wrist in this exercise increases significantly, which naturally contributes to an increase in the strength and mass of the forearms.

A strong grip and developed forearm muscles are a great help when working with large weights, which is especially important when doing deadlifts, various presses and squats. But not only bodybuilders and weightlifters should include this exercise in their training program. Well-developed forearms are an important argument for success in such sports as arm wrestling, tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, handball, wrestling and judo.

Back Wrist Curl Technique


1. Stand with your back to the bar or bench and lift it off the support, holding it behind your back with your arms fully extended. The back is straight, the gaze is directed straight ahead, the chin is parallel to the floor. The grip is slightly narrower or shoulder-width apart, palms facing back. This starting position

2. Keeping your hands stationary, open your fingers slightly so that the bar rolls down to the knuckles. Then, strengthening the finger grip, and bending your wrists, try to raise the barbell as high as possible.

3. After a short pause at the top of the amplitude, perform the next repetition.

It is important:

For maximum contraction of the wrist flexors, fully extend your arms.

When performing the exercise, make sure that the load falls on the muscles of the forearms. To do this, it is necessary that the hands remain completely motionless, and the movement occurs only in the wrist joint.

When you don’t have the strength to complete a full rep, keep holding the barbell and clenching and unclenching your fists. This technique allows you to work out the remaining unused muscles.

Working muscles


  • flexor carpi ulnaris
  • flexor carpi radialis
  • long palmar muscle

Alternative exercises

  • Bending at the wrists. The classic version of the exercise, in which the main load falls on the flexors of the wrist. In this variation, the hands are placed on the bench, palms up.
  • Extensions at the wrists. In this variation of the exercise, the hands lie on the bench, palms down, and the main load falls on the extensors of the wrist.

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