Where does fitness begin?


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Where to begin?

If you have not been involved in sports for a long time, start “entering” fitness training carefully and gradually, step by step. First of all, consult your doctor, make sure that you do not have any medical contraindications, in particular, from the cardiovascular system. The latter is especially important since all fitness training programs include intense aerobics. Well, it gives a high load on the heart. In addition, you need to start with a low level of intensity. For example, if the program prescribes jogging, replace it with walking first.

If the program recommends doing 4 sets of exercises, at first 2-3 sets will be enough for you. In short, here is the most important rule for you: increase the load gradually! If you’ve never lifted weights before, it’s best to get started with a qualified trainer who can show you how to properly and safely lift weights.

Do I need to follow a diet?

Most diets are based on the primitive «cutting» of the diet. It is clear that with this approach, the question of sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals remains sideways. That is why diets usually do more harm than good, and often lead to health problems. What should a fitness athlete eat? Everything, no limits! But at the same time it is necessary to observe the correct balance of nutrients.
Remember, the secret to weight control lies not in the amount of food, but in its composition. No matter how much protein you eat (meat, chicken, fish, vegetable proteins), you will not gain weight. If you pile on fats and carbohydrates (flour products, sweets, cakes, cakes, etc.), you are guaranteed extra body fat (we will talk about the exact ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins later).

Let’s say you ate some candy or greasy pizza and got 100 calories. Your body will burn only 3 calories of them, and the rest will be deposited under the skin as fat. Here is a rule of physiology: 97 percent of «fat» calories are directly converted into body fat.

But if you eat 100 calories contained in the so-called. complex carbohydrates (like in rice or potatoes), your body will burn 23 percent of them. And the rest will go to the liver and muscles to be deposited in the form of glycogen («canned» fuel). Then this «fuel» will be used during physical exercises or other energy-intensive activities (washing, cleaning, etc.). As you can see, our body treats fat calories in a completely different way than with calories from proteins and carbohydrates.

By limiting your intake of fatty foods and eating more «good» calories, you are sure to reduce your body fat without lowering your overall calorie intake. Why is it important? Yes, because only good nutrition will give you the opportunity to train really intensively. The path to a new beautiful female body lies through a decisive reduction in body fat and strengthening the muscles.

Proper nutrition and proper, exclusively individual training will help you “remove” everything superfluous from yourself and add, where necessary, the necessary. And then any natural foundation will shine in all its pristine beauty! Believe me, it’s not at all about the width of the pelvis or the size of the female breast. A healthy sports image makes a woman irresistible. For example, the buttocks of any size look appetizing if they have a perfectly rounded shape and, in addition, are elastic in a sporty way. Multiply slender body lines by the confidence, optimism and smile of fitness athletes, and you will understand why men lose their heads at fitness competitions 🙂

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