Underwater shower massage


Underwater shower-massage is one of the most effective procedures not only in the fight against cosmetic problems, but has a huge number of medical indications.

What it is?

The underwater massage shower procedure is carried out using a special hose in a bathtub filled with water. There are different types of massage. The bath can be filled with sea water, it is possible to add essential oils. It all depends on the indications and the goals of the procedure.

The essence and effectiveness of the underwater massage shower lies in the fact that it includes several useful components at once: a therapeutic bath, temperature contrast, physical impact of the jet and oxygen saturation (similar to pearl baths).

The procedure itself is as follows. The first stage of the procedure is adaptation to water. After being placed in a bath, a person is given 5-7 minutes to get used to the new environment and temperature. When the muscles relax, a jet is directed to the human body under water at a distance of three to fifteen centimeters, while the angle of impact is constantly changing to create the necessary vibrations and «pearl» bubbles. On average, the jet pressure is 0.5 — 3.5 atmospheres. The temperature in the water in the bath is 30-36 degrees. Massage is carried out either with a jet of the same temperature, or a contrasting effect is created (colder or warmer), depending on the indications and goals.

There are two types of underwater massage shower:

  • general (the whole body is massaged, with the exception of prohibited areas)
  • local (a specific part of the body is massaged)

The areas prohibited for exposure during an underwater shower-massage include:

  • region of the heart
  • genital area
  • area of ​​the mammary glands

It should also be noted that massage in the abdomen is performed only clockwise.

The standard underwater shower-massage procedure lasts about 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to carry out every other day in the amount of 10-20 procedures. Repeat the course as prescribed by the doctor.

Underwater shower-massage: effect on the body

In modern cosmetology, underwater shower-massage is used as a magical remedy against cellulite.

However, it should be noted that in severe forms of the disease, it is better to abandon hydrotherapy, and engage in targeted drug treatment.

Do not forget that the procedure is not exclusively cosmetic. It also has many medical indications:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • metabolic disease
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • diseases of the nervous system
  • motor dysfunction
  • rehabilitation after injuries
  • sluggish trophic ulcers
  • vegetovascular dystonia
  • hypertension I degrees
  • diseases of the digestive system
  • skin diseases (not acute forms and manifestations)

It should be noted that usually after the underwater shower-massage procedure, there is a slight reddening of the skin and an increase in skin temperature by 1.0-2.0 degrees. These manifestations should not scare. These are natural reactions of the body.

With regular underwater shower-massage, weight loss by 3-4 kg and a decrease in blood cholesterol levels are observed.

Shower-massage is often used by athletes after training, as it has a relaxing effect on individual muscles and the whole body as a whole, the feeling of general fatigue and weakness disappears, and the tonic effect persists for a long time.


The main contraindications include:

  • urolithiasis disease
  • pregnancy
  • thrombophlebitis
  • acute inflammatory processes
  • hypertension III degree
  • acute heart disease
  • phlebeurysm
  • cerebrovascular accident

It is also necessary to remember that the underwater massage shower has age restrictions — it is not recommended for children and the elderly.

In any case, we should not forget that any treatment, including all types of hydrotherapy, must be prescribed by a doctor.

Useful soul to you!

Author: Natalia Kay

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