Thrust T-bar


The T-bar row performed in the machine is the safest way to develop the muscles of the middle back.

Benefit exercises

The T-bar row is considered one of the basic exercises in bodybuilding and fitness for developing back muscles with an emphasis on the middle part of it. In addition to the mass-gaining effect, the obvious advantages of the exercise include its minimal injury risk, provided that it is performed in a special inclined simulator, and the possibility of effectively working out the back in order to improve the relief and distinct separation of the back muscles among themselves.

To improve athletic performance, T-bar pull is recommended for gymnasts, swimmers, judokas and wrestlers, as well as rugby players.

T-Bar Pull Technique

1. Lie with your stomach down on an incline bench, rest your feet on the floor or special supports, bend your knees slightly and bend your back slightly to relieve the load from your lower back. Grasp the handles of the T-bar, and hold the load with your arms fully extended. This is the starting position.

2. Inhale, and holding your breath, gently pull the bar until the plate touches your chest.

3. At the point of contact with the chest, for maximum impact, hold the weight for a moment and, as you exhale, slowly lower to the starting position.

4. Perform the required number of repetitions.

It is important:

Do not tear off the body from the inclined bench during the exercise, the movement occurs only due to the bend in the elbow and shoulder joints.

Fully straighten your arms before starting the next repetition, thereby eliminating the biceps from the work. It is also important to consciously control the work of the muscles of the back and deltas, not allowing the biceps to turn on.

Raise the load until it touches your chest, bringing your shoulder blades as close as possible to each other, this will allow you to work with maximum effect.

Experiment with the grip, because often the simulator has double handles, this will allow you to work out the back muscles from different angles.

When pulling, do not let your elbows move to the sides and try to raise them above the level of your back.

Options exercises

T-bar row on the simulator with a block. This simulator is far from being found in every gym, but if you are lucky, then perform traction on it — due to the lack of pancakes, the amplitude of movement will be much greater, which means that the effect of exposure will be more effective.

In some gyms, you can find a fixed T-bar without an inclined bench, in which case the exercise is performed on bent legs in an incline and therefore becomes as similar as possible to a barbell row in an incline, which means that the effect of exposure will be almost identical.

Working muscles

  • latissimus dorsi
  • trapezius muscles
  • upper back muscles (rhomboid and teres major)
  • posterior head of the deltoid muscles

Indirect load also falls on the biceps, forearms and extensor muscles of the spine.

Alternative exercises

The same array of muscles with some minor differences is also perfectly affected by such exercises:

  • Bent over row
  • Pull to the stomach on the block

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