The realities of «unearthly» beauty


It would seem that in the modern world, where the shelves are bursting with cosmetics for all skin types and ages, it is not difficult to find or maintain «unearthly» beauty. But is it true?

Gradually, with the advent of a huge number of face and body skin care products, the phrase that beauty is a short-lived concept has ceased to be relevant. The happy and young faces of the “girls” of old age, smiling daily at us from the covers of glossy magazines or blue screens, can make us believe that any of us can gain or maintain unearthly beauty to, pardon the pun, gray hair. They advertise the products that they claim made them look so beautiful, and we, admiring these results, immediately run to the cosmetic store and spend part of the salary on the latest “youth novelties”. And then we look sadly in the mirror and don’t understand why after a month of using the “magic remedy” it doesn’t smell of unearthly beauty, but wrinkles still appear, hair falls out periodically, and waist volumes do not become smaller.

So what should you know so that disappointment does not overtake you?

Rule 1

Seeing once again an advertisement featuring a beautiful diva, imagine how many stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers worked on her “unearthly beauty” before this video or photo shoot was filmed. And then look on the Internet for a photo of her «live» and make sure that the remedy that advertises «beauty» did not even help her. It will immediately become easier on the soul, but the wallet will not lose its weight.

Rule 2. Turn on your brains

unearthly beauty

Of course, the principle of communicating vessels in relation to brains-beauty has long been the subject of jokes. But we hope that you do not belong to this category of women, which means that it is not difficult for you to think about the “promises” that cosmetics advertisements are full of and understand their absurdity of most of them. Indeed, very often loud “words of beauty” do not make any sense, except that they sound bewitching. And if you do not know what this or that advertised component of the “miracle remedy” means, then it is enough to find it in a cosmetic explanatory dictionary and compare how true the statement about the perfection of the drug is. At the same time, you will understand whether you need such a purchase in principle or not.

Rule 3. The bicycle was invented long ago!

Remember the fact that the most effective care for the skin of the face and body, as well as hair and nails, is a healthy diet, the right daily routine and minimal care products that you can pick in the garden or buy at the pharmacy. These measures are quite enough to justly boast of “unearthly” beauty and fresh look even without cosmetics. If you don’t believe me, then do an experiment. Sleep at least 8 hours a day for a week, try to protect yourself from stress, eat fresh and healthy foods, and as a care, wipe your skin with ice cubes from a decoction, for example, chamomile, and apply slices of cucumber to your eyes every couple of days. It does not hurt to sunbathe and spend the weekend in the fresh air. And then deprive yourself of all of the above and, believing in the omnipotence of another cream, smear yourself with it at least every two hours for the next week. And then evaluate at the end of which of the weeks your health and appearance will be better.

Rule 4. Cosmetics will not replace plastic!

Well, if we are not talking about self-care, but about a more serious intervention, then you should also take off your rose-colored glasses and admit that not a single mask or cream can replace plastic! If you are not satisfied with the shape of your nose, then with the help of foundation you can only slightly correct it, but not change it. The same conclusion is true for other cosmetics: they will never be able to radically change your appearance, although they methodically «guarantee» this.

Rule 5

Before you confidently carry a tube of magic lotion to the checkout, thanks to which you will lose 15 cm in your waist, measure yourself at home with a centimeter and estimate how much of this volume your skeleton makes up. Indeed, in most cases, it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to achieve the promised result. And the “centimeter” method is the easiest way to understand that sometimes, in pursuit of unearthly beauty, we stop feeling reality and believe in frank, albeit beautiful, but “fairy tales”.

Author: Natalia Kay

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