The magic of France in cosmetics Ericson Laboratoire


What does a woman need to be happy? Among other things, feel well-groomed and beautiful. With Ericson cosmetics, this is not difficult to achieve.

The professional cosmetology market is saturated with offers from manufacturers from all over the world. The company from France Ericson successfully competes with eminent brands and occupies a stable position among them.

Professional cosmetics has always been in demand by beauty salons and specialized medical centers. Ericson Laboratoire, focusing mainly on these goals, does not disregard the needs of women who, for whatever reason, do not manage to visit such establishments. To this end, the product range was replenished with series for effective skin care at home.

What makes the cosmetics of this company outstanding?

It was in this company that the most eminent specialist in gerontology in France worked, researching biological processes during aging and searching for effective solutions in this area. Together with their teacher, the famous surgeon and specialist in cell therapy A. Carrel, in the 60s of the last century they created the Erickson company.

Currently, it employs a whole group of professionals practicing the use of medical methods of exposure to the skin.

Erickson Doctrines

The most popular aesthetic problems that women turn to cosmetologists for are acne, deep wrinkles, pigmentation and skin flaking. If you buy Erickson Laboratory cosmetics, you can say with confidence that the therapy will be effective and targeted.

The main concepts of the company are as follows:

  1. Non-surgical and non-injection effect on the skin. Special programs are designed to get rid of the double chin and visibly strengthen the skin with specific unique methods.
  2. The method of body modeling and weight loss «ADIPO-GENETICS», which excludes the intervention of surgeons and works at the gene level.
  3. A comprehensive program aimed at a highly effective solution to skin aging problems.

The use of innovative biological methods for the complex fight against aesthetic problems makes this cosmetics unique and in demand.

Ericson Laboratoire cosmetics is a new generation product that is ahead of the wishes and requirements of customers and is constantly strengthening its reputation in the market. The secret formulas developed specifically for these cosmetics allow women to experience for themselves what a real professional approach means.

Advantages of Er cosmeticsicson Laboratoire

  1. Safety.
  2. Ecological purity.
  3. Manufactured using advanced methods.
  4. The use of high quality raw materials that have undergone in-depth cleaning.
  5. Full compliance with strict international standards.
  6. Proven effectiveness of products.

All cosmetics Ericson Laboratoire is considered a high-tech product developed on the basis of constant practical experiments and in-depth intellectual work of qualified specialists.

Assortment line

Products struggle with problems from the inside, and biotechnological methods of influence allow you to achieve a lasting and noticeable result. Erickson Laboratories offers a wide range of professional products for salon use. This includes:

  • professional SPA programs for body care (8 positions);
  • individual programs for facial skin care (14 positions);
  • a special technique for breast modeling without surgery.

For women who do not have the opportunity to visit professional salons, 25 product lines have been specially developed for effective skin care at home.

There was a desire to buy cosmetics Ercson Laboratoire Kyiv? Employees of our online cosmetics store will help you make the right choice and guarantee prompt ordering and delivery.

And remember that the key to beautiful skin is systematic care, without which it is impossible to maintain beautiful healthy skin!


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