Tea tree essential oil


This remedy is an excellent antiseptic. Previously, tea tree oil was used even in factories: it was added to work oils to reduce the number of employees missing work due to cuts and infected wounds.


Tea tree oil is obtained from the leaves of shrubs and trees, united by the name melaleuca, by steam distillation. These plants are distributed mainly in Malaysia and Australia and have nothing to do with tea.

The tea tree produces one of the most valuable oils in the medical sense. The first scientific evidence of its bactericidal properties was provided by the researcher A. Penfold in 1925. The scientist found that the antiseptic effect of this oil is 8 times more powerful than carbolic acid and 5 times more powerful than alcohol. Since then, tea tree oil has been actively produced industrially. During the Second World War, it was widely used in mechanical factories in Great Britain. Here, it was added to working oils to reduce the number of employees who miss a day of work due to infections from scratches, cuts and other industrial injuries. It is also known that the inhabitants of the South Pacific region rubbed tea tree oil all over the body to protect themselves from insect bites, in particular mosquitoes. And Australian sugar makers used a 40% solution of this essential oil in the treatment of superficial burns. True, with the advent of the «antibiotic» era, tea tree oil was forgotten. It was possible to revive interest in this effective bactericidal agent only thanks to the herbal medicine that is fashionable today.

Store tea tree oil in a tightly closed dark glass bottle, which must be kept in a cool place without light. In the open air, it quickly oxidizes.

Chemical composition

This natural essential oil is a very complex chemical composition complex. It contains about fifty organic components, the main part of which is monoterpenes (up to 50%) and diterpenes (about 40%). The rest of the composition falls on cineole (up to 15%). In addition, tea tree oil contains 4 rare components that cannot be found in nature during the day with fire. These are viridifloren, L-ternineol, B-terpineol and allihexanoate.

Uses and healing properties of tea tree oil

This product is an excellent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent. It inhibits the growth of many microorganisms: streptococci, staphylococci, gonococci, pneumococci, Escherichia coli and fungal flora. Recommended for festering infections or contaminated wounds, tea tree oil makes excellent solutions for gargling and gargling. This oil activates the immune system and is very effective in a number of diseases. It helps to overcome the common cold: it is used in inhalations for sore throat, bronchitis, cough, otitis, flu. Tea tree oil relieves fever in case of a feverish condition. It is very useful for emotional disorders: it is recommended to inhale this remedy for people with an unstable psyche and those who take even the smallest troubles to heart. This essential oil also helps to relieve fatigue and general weakness of the body, increase efficiency and attention.

Tea tree oil has a wound healing effect. They treat burns, cuts, bruises and other skin lesions. This tool is able to neutralize poisons in case of insect bites. Tea tree oil is also prescribed for skin infections: they cure eczema, herpes, measles, warts, chicken pox, shingles.

  Tea tree essential oil

As a cosmetic product, this oil is used for regular care of combination or oily skin, with itching, acne, hair loss, dandruff.


Do not lubricate open wounds or mucous membranes with this product. If a slight redness and burning sensation appears on the skin after applying tea tree oil, this is a sign of an allergy. In this case, this remedy must be diluted with vitamin E oil or distilled water. In undiluted form, it is contraindicated in pregnant women and children under 1.5 years of age.

Tea tree oil, like many other essential oils, is not recommended for ingestion. Such a reception is possible only under the strict supervision of a physician. This remedy is considered quite poisonous if it is in the stomach of a child.

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