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The Vichy shower is also called the filiform shower. After all, its jets look like thin threads, and the Latin word filiforms literally translates as “like a thread”

What it is?

The Vichy shower is a shower shower. Its jets are thin and slightly spiky (natural rain principle). The procedure uses different types of water (sea, thermal, ordinary tap water, previously softened, and others).

The Vichy shower procedure itself is performed as follows. The patient lies on his stomach on a couch, and from above, water pours from many holes on the entire contour of the body. It should be noted that this type of shower is quite «soft». The temperature of the water, as well as the pressure, may vary depending on the indications and purposes. Water is supplied more calmly to more sensitive areas of the body, they are not exposed to intense effects at all.

On average, the procedure lasts about 15-30 minutes. After the procedure, it is necessary to replenish the water balance (drink water, for example), moisturize the skin and let the body rest for at least 20 minutes.

It is recommended to conduct sessions 60-40 minutes before meals and 2 hours after meals.

Douche Vichy: body action

The Vichy shower at the beginning of the procedure brings the body into tone, and then the process of relaxation begins. The removal of nervous tension is actively traced, blood circulation is activated (which means that masks and body creams are especially effective after the procedure). The procedure helps to remove toxins from the body.

The main indications include:

  • metabolic disease
  • cellulite
  • diseases of the internal organs of the gastrointestinal tract
  • neurosis and stress
  • diseases of the joints and ligaments

Vichy shower promotes active rehabilitation after injuries. It has a detoxifying effect, sedative and restorative effect.


Strict contraindications include:

  • severe forms of diseases of the internal organs
  • blood disorders and tendency to bleed
  • oncology (malignant neoplasms)
  • infectious diseases
  • any dermatological reactions to water

Even if you have not noted a single contraindication from the list, you should consult a doctor before using the procedure.

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Author: Natalia Kay

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