Rules of intimate hygiene for women. Part 2


Do hygiene products really help to keep clean and fresh? How to behave during critical days? You will read about all this in this article.

hygiene products

Continuing the theme of the basic rules of intimate hygiene for women, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of the use of hygiene products. After all, advertising says that thanks to the regular use of various napkins and pads, you will keep clean for the whole day. But it does not tell at all how to use all these “tackles”.

With the advent of many newfangled products, it has become much easier for women to observe intimate hygiene. Indeed, the variety of pads and napkins allows you to relax a little. But are you using the right one or the other? Are you sure that by becoming a loyal customer of daily intimate hygiene products, you will protect yourself from the appearance of pollution, and as a result, inflammation? Pay attention to the basic principles of using this product so that it really becomes an assistant in maintaining cleanliness and freshness:

1. The name «panty liners» does not mean that a panty liner can stay on your underwear all day. In order for it to perform its function, it should be changed every 2-4 hours. The duration of these periods of time depends on the personal characteristics of the organism, as well as on the period of the female cycle. The intimate hygiene of a woman suggests that as soon as the pad is no longer dry, it should be changed (after each visit to the toilet). Otherwise, the completely opposite hygienic effect is achieved — in a warm and humid environment, bacteria spread much faster and more actively. So, without changing the gasket in time, you yourself create favorable conditions for their successful appearance and existence.

2. Regardless of which panty liners you use, you should change them regularly. The shape, size, thickness of the pad is more a way to meet your personal preference for comfort than an indication of how long it will be used. Therefore, if you are confident in the thesis that the thicker the gasket, the longer it «fills», change your mind, and with it the gasket itself!

3. Special attention should be paid to impregnation, odors and other similar properties of gaskets and napkins. No matter how nice the pad smells, no matter how the advertisement praises the aloe or chamomile extract that the pad is impregnated with, before buying a “wholesale batch”, first try the product on yourself once. And carefully observe the reactions of the body. After all, most concentrates of odors and impregnations can cause allergies (especially in such delicate areas). Therefore, if an advertisement screams “Yes!”, And your body answers “No!”, Then you should listen to the latter. You do not want the observance of intimate hygiene to turn into chronic inflammation, do you?

4. No matter how regularly you change your panty liners, the elementary rules of a woman’s intimate hygiene also require a regular change of underwear. After all, it is contaminated not only in the «intimate» areas, but over the entire surface.

«Critical days

During menstruation, not only the character of the ladies becomes capricious. Intimate hygiene of women in this period requires increased attention. Therefore, in addition to the standard rules, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Baths should not be taken during menstruation. Limit your shower. First, a warm bath reduces the rate of blood clotting, which can lead to profuse bleeding. Secondly, the likelihood of introducing various kinds of contaminants into the vagina when taking a bath is greatly increased.
  • When using pads and tampons, don’t wait for them to «fill up» completely. Change hygiene products every 3-4 hours so as not to create conditions for the growth of bacteria from the most delicate areas of your body.
  • Between changes of pads or tampons, hygienic washing should be carried out. If this is not possible for you, use wipes for intimate hygiene of women to clean the surface.
  • Try to avoid sexual contact during your period. There are many opinions on this matter. But be that as it may, on “critical” days, the likelihood of inflammation in your body increases. A decrease in the number of contacts reduces this probability.

Choice of underwear

The modern market offers us many options for beautiful and comfortable underwear. To maintain intimate hygiene, a woman should choose models from natural fabrics that do not create physical discomfort for everyday wear. And that is, you should not constantly wear thongs or slimming underwear. Leave the synthetic beauty for special occasions too. After all, only natural linen will allow your skin to breathe and stay fresh.

Be healthy!

Rules of intimate hygiene for women. Part 1

Author: Natalia Kay

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