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In the summer, your belly is inevitably in the spotlight, which means it’s time to get it in shape. And then the question arises: “how to download the press correctly?”

What is the most effective way to pump up the press?

The best exercise for building abs is hanging straight leg raises on the bar. But as effective as it is difficult is this exercise. Therefore, for most beginners, it needs to be simplified. Firstly, at the initial stage, it is possible to raise not straightened, but bent knees, and secondly, so that the arms do not fall off under the weight of the body, they can be fixed using special elbow loops.

Here you can learn more about the technique of performing these exercises:

Hanging leg raises

Hanging knee raises

I want a baby, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to regain the slimness of my waist after giving birth. Are my fears justified?

If the birth was successful, then very soon you will again be able to give physical activity for the body, including the abdominal muscles, which means returning to its former shape. But so that the stomach after childbirth does not disappoint you, it is necessary to pay special attention to its physical preparation before and during pregnancy. If the abdominal muscles are in good shape, then with a high probability you will be able to return the waist to its previous volumes. But if the abdominal muscles are out of shape, then the abdominal wall will stretch during pregnancy, and the waist is unlikely to become the same as before.

I attend Pilates and yoga classes. Will they help build abdominal muscles?

The answer is yes. Practicing both Pilates and yoga sufficiently load the abdominal muscles, and do it correctly. Therefore, if you are seriously engaged in any of these disciplines, then you do not need to download the press in addition.

How often do you need to download the press? How many sets and reps should you do?

The abdominal muscles, along with the calves and forearms, are among the fastest recovering, so you can train them much more often than other muscle groups, at least every day. But if you are not in a hurry, then it is optimal to pump the press at the end of each workout.

If your goal is to get your stomach in shape, then you will not need any additional weights, except for the weight of your own body. Regardless of the exercises you choose, do 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps. If this number of repetitions is not enough for you, then either choose a more difficult exercise, or use additional weights (pancake from a barbell or load on your legs).

How to download the press

Is it true that crunches on a fitball are more effective than crunches on the floor?

Unlike crunches on the floor, when all the load falls on the rectus muscle, during training on the ball, you constantly have to balance in order to keep the body in balance, while tensing most of the muscles in the abdomen and lower back. It’s no wonder why crunches performed on a ball are a more effective workout option.

I already have the upper abs clearly visible, while the lower part is still fuzzy. What to do in this case?

The fact is that there are fewer nerve endings in the lower abdomen, so the abdominal muscles in the lower abdomen respond worse to the load. To correct this situation, it is necessary to change the priorities and the training of the abdominal muscles should be started from the lagging area. And also increase the load.

Also keep in mind that a sedentary lifestyle leads to a slowdown in blood circulation in the lower half of the body, incl. and lower abdomen. As a result, the metabolic rate decreases in this area, and fatty deposits appear. To avoid this, take short breaks every hour, and during lunch, be sure to go outside to walk and get some fresh air.

Does it make sense to buy an electrical stimulator from advertising on TV to pump up the abdominal muscles?

In practice, an electrical impulse does cause involuntary muscle contraction, but such a stimulus does not provide enough stress to pump up the press. But such impulses are used for therapeutic purposes — to «revitalize» the muscles after a long immobility or illness.

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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