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It takes me a long time to wake up in the morning. You can help?

AnswerA: There are two reasons. First, you may not be getting as good a quality of sleep as you think. The dream cycle is important for restoring your consciousness and smoothing over the previous day’s hardships, but many people have a patchy sleep pattern and may wake up during the night or not sleep deeply enough to dream. This can leave them exhausted in the morning. The amino acid CABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and the herbs valerian, hops, and passion flower may help. The amino acid CABA is produced in the body from another amino acid, glutamine. Combinations of these relaxing herbs and amino acids can help you sleep and wake up refreshed.

The second reason is that you may wake up with low blood sugar. If so, consider your diet and intake of sugar and stimulants, especially caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee. Eliminate them along with chocolate and include plenty of vegetables and fruits, high quality protein like lightly cooked lean chicken and tofu, and whole grains like rye and quinoa. Also make sure you drink 1.5 liters of water a day.

Q: My friend wakes me up by snoring. Your suggestions?

Answer: Snoring occurs when air tries to pass through the throat and the uvula (a small bell-shaped hanging piece of fabric) blocks it and vibrates (vibrating mucus can also cause snoring, but this usually does not cause prolonged snoring). So one of the keys to stopping snoring is to open your throat and reduce the vibration.

Q: I grind my teeth in my sleep. Can I stop this with nutritional supplements?

Answer: You are under stress. The first thing to do, even before considering supplements, is to reduce the sources of stress in your life. If it’s difficult — let’s say you’re in a very responsible job and can’t or don’t want to leave right now — you can learn to manage your stress with proper exercise, yoga, massages, relaxing baths, pleasurable hobbies, timing for relaxation, meditation is all worth trying.

After that, we can talk about additives. The nutrient most beneficial for grinding teeth is vitamin B5. In addition to your multivitamin or B-complex supplement (100mg), take 100mg of vitamin B5 twice daily. B vitamins are generally good for the nervous system and can help you cope with stress, also try vitamin C (1 to 2 grams twice a day) and Siberian ginseng (200 to 400 mg daily). Finally, grinding of the teeth can often be the result of jaw tension, and this can be reduced by supplementing with 200 to 400 mg of magnesium, which relaxes the muscles, before bed.

Source: Adapted from 500 Health and Nutrition Questions and Answers

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