Pressotherapy — air massage


If you want to «correct» the contours of the body, get rid of cellulite and improve the health of the body as a whole, feel free to go to a pressotherapy session.

In salons all over the world, including Ukraine, the pressotherapy procedure is becoming more and more popular every day. «Air massage» not only helps to make the body more beautiful and fit, but also stimulates the immune system, strengthens blood vessels and improves skin condition.

What it is?

Pressotherapy (or pressure massage) is a procedure used to get rid of cellulite and excess weight. In addition, pressotherapy is an excellent means of combating swelling, diseases of the veins and blood vessels, and preventing thrombosis.

Pressotherapy procedure

The procedure of «air massage» is carried out exclusively under the supervision of a specialist. For a session of pressure massage, a special suit is used, into which compressed air is supplied. The level of pressure depends on the individual characteristics of a person and is calculated by a computer. Due to the alternation of high and low air pressure, a soft and at the same time effective soft tissue massage is performed, stimulating the work of the lymphatic and venous systems.

If the pressotherapy procedure should be carried out locally as prescribed, then instead of the whole suit, the specialist will offer you its individual components for different parts of the body: boots for the legs, gloves for the hands or a wide belt for the abdomen and hips.

The duration of one pressotherapy session is about 45 minutes, and the average course consists of 10-15 procedures. Breaks between procedures should be 2-3 days. If necessary, the next course of pressotherapy can be repeated after 5-6 months.

The effect of the procedure on the body

Pressotherapy contributes to the normalization of the lymphatic system, due to which excess fluid is removed from the body and the water balance is restored. It also improves venous circulation and activates metabolic processes in tissues.

In cosmetology, pressure therapy is prescribed not only to combat cellulite and / or overweight, but also to eliminate skin sagging. In medicine, this procedure is used to activate the immune system, combat post-traumatic and postoperative swelling, treat diseases of the veins and blood vessels, and remove toxins.

After the session, the patient feels relaxed and rested. In a short time after the procedure, there is a feeling of lightness and cheerfulness. For a long time, a feeling of endurance is maintained, stress resistance increases and sleep normalizes.

Pressotherapy is a very effective procedure. In terms of effectiveness, one press massage session can be compared with 10-15 manual massage procedures. So, after the first session, you will be able to fully evaluate its result.

Indications for prescribing pressure therapy

pressotherapyThe main indications for prescribing a pressotherapy procedure include:

  • Strong muscle tension
  • Varicose veins (and other diseases of the veins and blood vessels)
  • Fatigue and heaviness in the legs
  • Post-traumatic (postoperative) rehabilitation
  • Recovery after liposuction
  • Obesity
  • Cellulite
  • Disorders of the lymphatic system (stagnation of fluid in the tissues)

Contraindications to the appointment

In some cases, the appointment of pressotherapy is contraindicated. The main contraindications to the appointment and conduct of this procedure include:

  • Inflammatory processes in the body
  • Open wounds and suppuration
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Injuries (fractures, sprains)
  • Heart failure
  • Kidney and liver diseases
  • Some forms of diabetes
  • Acute forms of thrombosis, thrombophlebitis
  • The presence of a pacemaker and other electronic devices in the body
  • Oncology
  • High blood pressure
  • period of menstruation

A preliminary consultation with your doctor is required even if you do not have all of the above contraindications.

Be healthy and beautiful!

And with the test of the pressotherapy procedure, conducted by the editor-in-chief of the portal, you can find here.

Author: Natalia Kay

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