Oily hair care tips


Oily hair often not only gives the image a sloppy look, but is also the result of improper care for them in everyday life.

To determine whether you are the owner of oily hair, a simple test observation will help. Wash your hair with a neutral shampoo without the subsequent use of balms and masks. The next day, carefully examine the hair. If at the roots they become oily, and along the entire length they still have a quite decent appearance, then we can safely say that your hair is of the oily type. And in this case, in order to get rid of the obvious manifestations of increased fat content, start a course for the care of curls.

Oily Hair Nutrition

It is a mistake to think that oily hair does not need additional nutrition. Any type of hair, for health and strength, needs vitamins and nutrients. However, the nutrition of oily hair has its own characteristics.

Oily hair, like any other, must be regularly pampered with masks and compresses. For these purposes, you can choose the means of industrial production, which are presented in cosmetic stores and pharmacies of the city. Or you can make your own natural homemade masks for oily hair. In this case, you will be able to independently select all the ingredients necessary for your hair, which means taking into account even the most insignificant individual characteristics.

However, no matter which products you choose to use, you should remember that oily hair masks should not be made on the basis of fatty liquids. And also, you should not specifically dry out your hair and scalp, using a large amount of alcohol-containing bases for masks and compresses.

Washing oily hair

Washing your hair is one of the most controversial moments in the oily hair care system. On the one hand, owners of problematic hair try to wash their hair as often as possible to get rid of oily sheen. On the other hand, frequent washing, in the long term, contributes to the aggravation of the problem. A person’s hair, like the scalp, gets used to the fact that they are «dry» often and begin a «protection» program — fat is released more often and in large quantities. Therefore, carrying out the procedure too often, you accustom your hair to grow fat faster.oily hair care

Try to set aside time in your schedule to “reset” your hair routine. Start washing your hair a little less frequently. At first, it will seem to you that the manifestations of fat content have only become worse. But in a month you will be able to afford to reduce the number of procedures without losing the quality of the appearance of the hair.

Drying and styling oily hair

Do not use very hot air when styling oily hair. This will dry out the scalp and the curls themselves, but will not solve the issue of oiliness at all. And in the end, to the main problem, the need to restore hair due to brittleness and dullness will be added.

Using styling products for oily hair

Try to avoid using additional styling products. After all, oily hair is particularly susceptible to their adverse effects. In addition, when applying fat- or wax-containing products to your hair, you focus on oily roots.

But if the procedure cannot be avoided, choose a styling product designed specifically for oily hair. The composition of such funds includes special «drying» components.

Combing greasy hair

Combing is also one of the controversial points in the care of oily hair. There is an opinion that frequent combing contributes to the even distribution of fat along the entire length of the hair. However, trichologists and dermatologists around the world claim that this is just a myth. Since not a single comb, even with very small teeth, is able to evenly distribute fat through the hairs. In addition, the oil secreted in the scalp is not active enough and cannot sufficiently moisturize the rather dry ends of the hair.

Doctors advise owners of oily hair to use a comb as little as possible. After all, such a massage is a stimulation of the sebaceous glands and provokes excessive secretions. This means that it should only be done when necessary.

Scalp care

The main reason for oily hair is the increased work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. And this means that the only way to overcome this problem locally may be to contact a specialist doctor who will prescribe a course of treatment. And in no case should you self-medicate — after all, such an approach can only lead to the emergence of new diseases or the aggravation of existing ones.

Let your hair delight with beauty and health!

Author: Natalia Kay

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