Nutrition for healthy nails


If your nails cannot please with beauty and health, have begun to exfoliate or break, slowly grow, turn yellow, it’s time to think about what you eat

Healthy nails are light, dense, fast-growing nails. They are both pleasant to look at and easy to care for. But if this is still an unrealizable dream for you, it is worth analyzing what your body lacks.

Daily contact with household chemicals, hypothermia and dehydration, metabolic disorders, chronic nicotine and alcohol intoxication, and many other factors — this is a classic list of reasons why nails cease to be healthy. The opinion is erroneous that by eliminating the causes of external influence, regularly strengthening the nails with local remedies, you will permanently get rid of problems. It is worth looking at the problem more broadly. After all, most of the elements that are necessary for healthy nails enter the body with food. And if health is inside, then it does not need to be added outside.

Healthy nails — elastic nails

In order for healthy nails not to crumble or break, fats must be present in the diet. For example, girls who are fond of diets and reduce fat intake to a minimum face this problem, because it is they who help the nail become elastic. Stocks of fat in the body can be replenished by consuming meat products, vegetable and animal oils. However, you can replenish the supply of fatty acids in the body in different ways and for every taste, because there are a lot of products containing them: nuts, seeds, chocolate, cream and sour cream, homemade cottage cheese, coconuts, bread and bakery products, avocados, legumes, seafood and fish, mushrooms and many others. The daily requirement for fats for adults is about 20-30% of the daily caloric intake.

Silicon also affects the elasticity of the nail. The right amount of this trace element in the body will make the nails strong and significantly reduce their fragility. Silicon also promotes the absorption of calcium, which will also benefit in strengthening nails. Silicon is mainly found in vegetables: beets, turnips, radishes, potatoes, onions, Jerusalem artichokes, corn, cabbage, celery. Also present in wild berries, fruits (bananas, apricots), juices, wines and beer. The daily requirement for silicon for adults is: 5-50 mg.

Healthy nails don’t peel

If healthy nails began to exfoliate, then there is a lack of calcium and magnesium in the body. Calcium is found in dairy products, meat, fish and seafood, nuts and greens. Daily requirement for calcium for adults: minimum 1000-1200 mg.

Magnesium reserves in the body can be replenished by regularly eating nuts, legumes, various cereals, dried apricots, berries (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries) and fruits (bananas, lemons, grapefruits, apples), as well as various types of fish (flounder, carp, sea ​​bass, herring, mackerel, cod) and seafood. Daily magnesium requirement for adults: 350 — 500 mg.

Also, in order to avoid delamination of healthy nails, it is worth monitoring the regular intake of vitamin E in the body, which can be ensured by eating vegetable oils, nuts (almonds, peanuts), cereals, legumes, rose hips, soy, dairy products, beef and lard . It should be noted that in the human body this vitamin is not synthesized on its own. Daily requirement for vitamin E for adults: 0.3 mg per kilogram of body weight.

Another component of the secret of healthy nails is vitamin A. You will maintain the required level of its content in the body by eating vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, sweet peppers, spinach, broccoli, green onions) and fruits (peaches, apricots, apples, watermelon, melon ). Daily requirement for vitamin A for adults: 800-1000 mcg.

Nail smoothness

If the nails have a heterogeneous surface, vertical or horizontal grooves appear on them, then there are two reasons for this phenomenon. The first is the consequences of mechanical damage to the nail. If the nail has changed without physical intervention, then the second reason is relevant — a lack of sulfur. Sulfur prevents inflammatory processes, stimulates the uniform growth of the nail plate. You can replenish sulfur by regularly including cabbage, onions, cereals and cereals, baked goods, as well as lean beef, fish and dairy products in the diet. The daily requirement for sulfur for adults is 4-6 g.

Healthy nails and fast growth

The rapid growth of nails is affected by the level of magnesium and calcium in the body. Iodine also stimulates their growth. It is found mainly in seafood, and the daily intake of iodine for an adult is 120–150 mcg.

Follow your diet and your nails will be healthy and beautiful!

Author: Natalia Kay

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