Natural hair lightening


To prevent the bleaching of the strands from harming, use natural hair lightening recipes, and blond curls will delight you with their health.

Chemical lightening of strands often leads to negative consequences — dryness, damage and even hair loss. However, there are many ways to lighten hair by several tones, using only the help of nature. Such procedures will give not only a beautiful color, but also health, shine. After all, most recipes, using natural remedies, involve nourishing the hair and scalp, strengthening the hair follicles, as well as stimulating growth.

Many herbal hair lightening products can be used alone, but sometimes they are mixed together or even added to a “cocktail” with a small portion of hydrogen peroxide for a more tangible result. However, in any case, its amount, which is present in natural mixtures, can in no way harm your hair. It should also be noted that lightening hair with the help of natural remedies is unlikely to give you snow-white hair, but it will definitely help to achieve a shade 1-4 shades lighter. Such recipes are especially relevant for people whose hair is naturally prone to burnout.

So, what natural remedies affect hair lightening?


A decoction of chamomile, both dry and fresh, is an excellent remedy for lightening hair. Depending on the concentration and exposure time, it brightens from 1 to 3 tones. Often used in natural hair masks. Also, thanks to the regular washing of the hair with a decoction of chamomile, you will make them shiny and strengthen them qualitatively.

Should know

A decoction of chamomile, as an independent remedy for lightening hair, requires regular use. And you should also pay attention to the fact that this decoction gives the hair a golden hue. So, if you want to get light curls without yellowness, then you should not abuse this procedure.


Lemon and citric acid are very popular hair lighteners. By using diluted lemon juice as a hair rinse regularly, you can easily lighten your hair by 2-4 tones. In addition to the fact that the lemon itself perfectly discolors the strands, it contributes to their rapid fading in the sun. And those who want to achieve a light shade of hair without yellowness should rinse their hair with diluted lemon juice more often — it gives a pleasant platinum tint.

Should know

You have to be careful with this tool. In addition to the fact that lemon gives a beautiful color to the hair and gives it shine, with a strong concentration, it also provokes dry hair, and then damage. Therefore, choosing this method, strictly follow the proportions suggested in the mask recipes.


Another means of natural hair lightening are honey masks (we recommend using acacia honey). This tool is not popular. However, despite this, honey will not only help to make hair significantly lighter, but will also cope with this task as usefully as possible. Honey masks nourish the scalp and the hair itself, give a beautiful shine, help to “close the scales” of the hairs, which makes them smooth and silky.

Should know

Honey masks require the most time among all possible natural hair lightening methods. So one procedure is not limited to rinsing or applying for 30 minutes. Efficiency is achieved only after 8-10 hours of the presence of honey mass on the hair.

Also, like chamomile, honey gives a golden hue, so this procedure should not be carried out by those who wish to have platinum hair.

onion peel

A decoction of onion skins has been used since ancient times to lighten hair. In addition, it gives the hair a pleasant honey shade. With regular use, this tool stimulates hair growth and gives them shine.

Should know

Unfortunately, a decoction of onion peels has a weak effect, therefore it is suitable only for people who have a naturally light shade of hair. Also, not the most pleasant side of the action of this tool is a specific smell. And although it erodes quickly enough, but, nevertheless, the procedure should be carried out at least a few hours before going outside.

hair lightening

rhubarb root

Boiling the root of rhubarb, and regularly rinsing your hair with it, you can achieve a pleasant light brown shade. The most effective decoction on wine or vodka.

Should know

If there are any injuries or open wounds on the scalp, this method should not be used. After all, alcohol will cause inflammation and irritation. It is also not recommended to use this remedy for children and people who cannot tolerate the smell of alcohol.

Whichever remedy you choose to lighten your hair, remember that natural recipes are always much more useful than chemical ones. Pamper your hair and enjoy the beautiful color!

Be beautiful and healthy!

Author: Natalia Kay

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