Natural hair care products


Home hair care products have not lost their popularity, despite the huge range of products provided by cosmetic companies. What is the secret?

Today, on the shelves of cosmetic stores and pharmacies, you can easily find hair care products that promise to save you from the problems of dry scalp, dandruff, split ends and many other troubles. The inscriptions on the labels of many jars assure that with the regular use of this or that product, the curls will shine, and hair growth will accelerate significantly. But why then, with such a huge selection of magical products, most people still prefer folk methods for hair care to all newfangled beauty elixirs?

Natural hair care products

Natural hair care products involve the use of any gifts of nature suitable for these purposes — chalk, clay, herbal teas, juices, eggs and dairy products, bread, yeast and much more — as the basis for creating cosmetics. Almost anything can be made from natural ingredients at home — shampoos, balms, compresses, rinses. However, the most popular method of hair care are various masks. Regular use of masks will help solve many problems of hair and scalp, because there are a huge number of products familiar to all of us from which we can make:

  • Natural homemade masks for hair loss
  • Natural homemade masks to stimulate hair growth
  • Natural homemade masks for different hair types
  • Natural homemade masks for scalp problems (dryness, dandruff, etc.)
  • and many others.

Benefits of using natural hair care products

Quality hair care requires attention and time. Time will have to be allocated to you personally, but nature will be able to pay due attention to your hair. After all, the use of products from natural products has a number of undeniable advantages:

1. The natural ingredients required for the preparation of cosmetics are not only easy enough to find, but also safe to use. In addition, you are always one hundred percent sure that you know the composition of the manufactured product and do not need a dictionary of chemical terms to be sure of its safety.

2. Hair care with the help of natural remedies is an opportunity not only to purposefully get rid of a specific trouble, but at the same time helps to improve the nutrition of the hair and saturate it with useful substances.

3. Preparation of a shampoo, mask or compress from natural products, with basic skill, does not require much effort, and with regular use gives a good and long-term result.

4. Natural masks and shampoos are not addictive.

5. Hair care with folk remedies does not require a rigid schedule. You can change the composition of manufactured cosmetics at any time, look for and apply new recipes, and experiment in every possible way.

Cons of using natural hair care products

Hair care

Along with the listed advantages, natural hair care products also have disadvantages. Among them, two main factors can be distinguished.

1. Difficulty in cooking.

Homemade masks, shampoos, compresses and balms require time, effort, and imagination to make them, unlike store-bought hair care products. In addition, almost all recipes involve the use of «fresh material», which means that it is unlikely that it will be possible to stock up «for the future».

2. Difficult to use

Many of us have long been accustomed to the fact that after shampooing, the hair is easy to comb, and balms from branded tubes are washed out of the hair without any problems, leaving behind only a light pleasant aroma. In turn, natural hair care products are not always as convenient to use. For example, some masks will be difficult to wash out of the hair, and after rinsing with a decoction of some herbs, the hair will be a little tangled. But if you are aiming for a long-term and high-quality result in hair care, then these difficulties should not interfere with the process. Moreover, the hair gradually gets used to natural cosmetics and becomes more obedient, softer and more supple with each subsequent use.

Contraindications to the use of natural hair care products

It should be noted that natural cosmetics are not useful for everyone. In order for the remedy to give the expected result, and not surprise with an unpredictable reaction of the body, you should be careful:

Do not use food products to which you have an allergic reaction in hair care.

Do not use long-term masks with a warming effect (peppermint, pepper, mustard, etc.) if you have diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems

It’s important to know!

I would like to draw the reader’s attention to the fact that any radical folk recipes that involve the use of home-made cosmetics based on not natural, but chemical components can harm your health. Therefore, you should not experiment with products based on acetone, kerosene and other industrial liquids.

Let nature bring beauty and health to your hair!

Author: Natalia Kay

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