Myths about hair life in summer


In summer, hair needs extra attention, and although the basic rules of care have long been known, some popular tips for checking turn out to be myths.

With the onset of the first sunny days, daily hair care moves from the category of a “supporting” procedure to the category of a “necessity”. After all, it has long been known that direct sunlight, high temperatures and dry air are the main enemies of healthy and beautiful hair. But, despite the fact that the basic rules for hair care in the summer have long been known, many women still believe in myths that promise beautiful hair but actually harm it.

What experiments can not be done on hair in the summer, so as not to regret later.

Myth one: a cardinal haircut in the summer guarantees their health

Many women believe that if they shorten their hair significantly at the beginning of summer, then in the fall they will remain healthy and beautiful by default. At the same time, the question of the need to use additional protective equipment and subsequent trimming of the tips once every 1-2 months during hot days is no longer considered.

Debunking the myth

Of course, by drastically cutting your hair in the summer, you will make it easier for them to exist, and for yourself to care for them. But this is also true in winter, autumn or spring. By itself, reducing the length of the hair is not a way to preserve the health of the hair. The sun, dry air and salt water are equally harmful to both short and long hair. Therefore, if you do not follow the rules for hair care in the summer (which, by the way, includes more frequent cutting of split ends than during other seasons), then in the fall you will get dull and sick hair, regardless of their length.

Myth two: the sun plus lemon will give free highlighting

Many fair-haired girls deliberately go without a headdress in the summer, expecting the strands to burn out beautifully. Moreover, the more time, in their opinion, they spend in the sun, the more beautiful and better the highlighting effect will turn out.

Debunking the myth

In fact, such a “care” for hair in the summer is fraught with dangerous consequences. First, walking in the open sun without panama for a long time, you can easily earn a sunstroke. Secondly, the theory of «natural» highlighting contradicts the elementary rules of protecting the hair from excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which makes the hair dry and brittle. The situation is aggravated when, to achieve a result, the ladies pour lemon juice on their hair and then go to the beach, again without covering their heads with anything. Definitely, the desired result will be achieved, because the lemon «whitens» the hair. But at the same time, the acid contained in its juice dries the surface of the hair even more, which means that a double blow is dealt to health and beauty. And do not believe that natural lemon is more useful than chemical paints. An hour spent in direct sunlight with lemon juice on your hair can easily be compared to 10 highlighting procedures with ammonia-free paints.

Myth three: hair in the summer does not need additional care products

A common belief is that by applying leave-in products to your hair in the summer, you do not allow them to «breathe», and thereby harm them.

Debunking the myth

Hair in the summer needs additional care, an integral part of which are special leave-in products that deeply moisturize and protect hair from the scorching sun and dry air. Thanks to masks, foams and balms, moisture is retained inside the hair, and ultraviolet does not “burn” its surface. In addition, it should be noted that cosmetic companies have long released a lot of “light” products that completely allow the hair to “breathe” actively.

hair in summer

Myth #4: Salt water is the best summer hair styling product.

Sea water makes the hair stiff and a little sticky, which gives the illusion of using a styling product. That is why some ladies prefer not to wash off the salt from their hair after swimming in the sea, but rather prefer to leave a careless «marine» style for a long time.

Debunking the myth

The effect of dried salt on the hair in summer really looks charming. But it should be borne in mind that sea water is useful for hair only under the condition of a very short contact (for example, while bathing). And as soon as the salt on the hair dries, it immediately begins to rapidly remove moisture, which leads to brittleness and increased dryness of the hair.

Myth five: if you often wet your hair, then excessive washing will harm them.

Quite often there is an opinion that the hair has enough cleansing that occurs while swimming in water bodies (sea, lake, river, etc.). And if you regularly wash them with shampoo after bathing, then this will harm them, as there is a “bust” with a variety of effects on them.

Debunking the myth

Bathing in a pond can only clean the hair of surface dust, but does not eliminate the need for high-quality washing using special products. After all, if you do not use hair shampoo in the summer, then over time, the pores on the skin will become clogged and the hair bases (bulbs) will stop “breathing”. Which can lead to unpleasant consequences, starting with the effect of a “fat” head and ending with dandruff, fungi or dermatitis.

As you can see, in the summer, it is necessary to take special care of your hair, so that in the fall you can boast not only a beautiful tan and a toned body, but a thick head of healthy hair!

Author: Natalia Kay

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