Lip augmentation. Part 5. Decorative cosmetics


Opponents of such cardinal decisions as plastic surgery or tattooing can use decorative cosmetics to enlarge their lips. And safe and effective!

In the fight for plump beautiful lips, any means are good. But if you are one of those people who do not like radical methods, or if the doctor found you have any contraindications to plastic surgery or tattooing, decorative cosmetics are always ready to help. And it does not matter that the result will be short-lived, but each time you can change the shape and color of the lips depending on the mood and situation.

Decorative cosmetics

The most neutral and safest way to visually enlarge the lips is always cosmetics. If you can’t decide on plastic surgery or lip tattooing, go buy the necessary products and go to the mirror to learn how to do the right makeup.

So, to give the lips the desired shape, you will need:

  • Thick consistency cream
  • Contour pencil to match lipstick
  • The actual lipstick
  • Glitter with reflective microparticles (or a special gloss to add volume)

Apply foundation to lips to even out the color with the main skin tone. After that, draw a line with a contour pencil. The line should go beyond the natural contour of the lips. After that, gently apply lipstick. Blot your lips with a tissue to remove excess oil and moisture. And put a layer of glitter on top. Thus, you will slightly increase the natural volume of the lips.

It should be remembered that the contour pencil should not differ in tone from lipstick. And also do not forget that for these purposes it is necessary to use a super-resistant lipstick so that over time you do not get the effect of “circled lips”.

Decorative cosmeticsAdvantages of decorative cosmetics

Among the advantages of this method can be called cost, as well as safety. After all, you do not have to resort to the services of either surgeons or lip tattoo artists.

Disadvantages of decorative cosmetics

This method has several disadvantages:

  • Very short term results
  • If you are not a very experienced makeup artist, then the result will be unpredictable every time.
  • Takes a lot of time and requires regular execution
  • Requires a large amount of consumables (unless, of course, you start walking with lipstick of the same color for several months in a row)


Unlike lip tattooing or plastic surgery, the use of decorative cosmetics has practically no contraindications. The only thing that can prevent you from using this method is an individual intolerance (allergic reaction) to the products of a particular brand. But this problem is easy to deal with. Just change your cosmetics to hypoallergenic ones.

May your lips always be beautiful!

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Author: Natalia Kay

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