Lip augmentation. Part 1. Plastic surgery


Beautiful lips are the envy of many women. But do not be discouraged if nature has not rewarded you with a sensual mouth. Modern methods of lip augmentation will help you

If nature has endowed you with sensual plump lips, you are definitely lucky. However, those who are not their happy owner should not be upset either. After all, today professionals in the world of cosmetology and plastic surgery offer a wide range of lip augmentation services. Some of them are practically harmless, others will surprise you with affordable prices, and others will satisfy even the biggest alarmists, as they practically do not involve deep intervention in the work of your body. To understand the proposed methods, to find out the positive and negative aspects of each of them, a series of articles on lip augmentation will help you.

This article will focus on plastic surgery as a method of lip augmentation. It should be noted that no matter what information you receive from independent sources, before you decide on a procedure, you should first undergo a medical examination, take tests and consult with a plastic surgery specialist.

Types of plastic lips

Plastic surgery has long been a variety of ways to increase the lips. Moreover, it should be noted that specialists in this case are rarely satisfied with a change in size. Lip plastic surgery involves shape correction, asymmetry removal, contour modeling, etc.

The two most popular ways to change the size of the lips with plastic surgery are:

1. Insertion of implants

This method involves sewing a foreign body into the lips. On the modern market, implants are represented by various companies, they differ significantly in price, they can be liquid, solid, gel-like. Your doctor will help you choose the right implant for you. The incision is made on the inner surface of the lips (mucosa). The scar after the operation remains minimal and resembles a thin thread.

2. Lip augmentation due to the «altering» of one’s own tissue

This method involves the correction of the shape and size of the lips, depending on the wishes of the client. Sometimes the patient does not want to increase the volume, but only wants to make the pigmented area larger. In this case, thin incisions are made along the edge of the pigmented part of the lips. After that, excess unpigmented tissue is cut out. Next, the specialist stitches the edges and it turns out that the lip, as it were, “turns out” a little. The scar remains after the operation, but passes along the very contour of the lips and looks barely noticeable. In any case, it is easily masked by makeup.

Advantages of plastic surgery

The main advantages of plastic surgery as a method of lip augmentation include the following factors:

  • Long term result
  • The size of the lips is chosen by you and your doctor (virtually there are no restrictions)
  • The operation does not take much time and is not difficult
  • Often the operation is easily tolerated, there are rarely side effects.

Disadvantages of plastic surgery

Lip augmentation

Whatever the advantages of the method of lip augmentation through plastic surgery, unfortunately, today the number of its shortcomings is too large. The main ones include:

  • Even considering the relative ease of the operation, this method still involves direct surgical intervention, which in itself is not useful for the human body.
  • Visits to a plastic surgeon, if only to make sure that everything is fine, will become regular (on average once every 4-6 months)
  • There is a possibility of rejection of a foreign body (in the case of an implant)
  • The operation is performed under general anesthesia, which is also not a healthy procedure.
  • If the result does not satisfy you, then it will be quite difficult to change or return everything back.
  • Compared to other methods of lip augmentation, the price of the procedure is quite high.

Contraindications for plastic surgery

It should also be noted that lip augmentation through plastic surgery has a number of contraindications that should never be ignored. These include:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Blood diseases
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland (endocrine system)
  • Any skin inflammations and dermatitis in the lips
  • Temperature, infectious diseases
  • Intolerance to anesthesia

And in any case, before deciding to resort to plastic surgery, consult your doctor.

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