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We bring to your attention an interview with a dentist Vadim Zaitsev about modern technologies for installing veneers

Ceramic onlays for teeth — veneers — are considered an alternative to whitening. Thanks to the snow-white “facing”, old fillings that cannot be bleached can be hidden from the eyes. In addition, direct veneers, unlike traditional (indirect) veneers, are installed without enamel filing and anesthesia.

According to Vadim Zaitsev, a dentist at Oxford Medical, the technology for installing direct veneers is in many ways superior to the usual technique.

— Vadim Yuryevich, tell us how direct veneers differ from ordinary ones?

— When installing traditional (laboratory) veneers, the tooth is processed: the doctor grinds off the enamel from its front, makes an impression and sends it to the laboratory. The actual installation takes place on the second or third visit. After the veneer has served its time, the only way is to install a crown. And direct veneers do not require enamel filing, so there is no need to do anesthesia and there is no risk of damaging the nerve. Everything is done on the spot in one session. Then the veneers can be renewed.

— How is the installation going?

— First, the patient and I discuss the color, shape of the teeth that he would like to see. I make veneers on the spot, which I attach to the teeth with special glue. In an hour, from two to four teeth can be updated in this way. Moreover, if you don’t like the dentition, you can always cut it off (there are special discs for this) and stick a new one. Again, without harming your natural teeth.

— Just like false nails! Were there patients who had to be redone?

— For 12 years of my work with direct veneers, to be honest, there has never been a case that someone was dissatisfied. This technology is used very rarely so far, so patients are very surprised when they find out how many cases it can help.

— What are these cases?

— Chips of enamel, large gaps between the teeth, when the native color of the teeth does not suit. It is also an alternative to orthodontic treatment. Direct veneers overlap old tooth restorations if they begin to shine through. You can use such veneers even as a restoration of teeth, which, according to all indications, are to be covered with crowns.

— You mentioned orthodontic treatment. But how can crooked teeth be straightened in one session?

— Due to optical illusion. For example, in humans, the teeth are located at different angles, and the fangs are «drowned» inward. I create veneers of different thicknesses and configurations so that the dentition is perfect from the outside. As a result, one tooth becomes a little thicker, and the second thinner, but this does not affect the bite.

What are direct veneers made of?

— Made of glass-polymer, art-grade frayed ceramic. It is produced in special tubes, like conventional photopolymers for fillings.

— And how much is this pleasure?

Significantly cheaper than conventional veneers. If one laboratory veneer costs an average of a thousand conventional units, then a straight one costs about one thousand hryvnias.

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