Gym training: where to start? Part 2


What to pay close attention to when starting your workouts in the gym


A second of relaxation can lead to serious injury, so that this does not happen to you, you must adhere to the following safety rules:

Always warm up. Warming up is a necessary condition for warming up the muscles and preparing the body for the upcoming loads. It is especially important to warm up in cold weather.

Master the technique of doing exercises. Each exercise requires a thorough knowledge of the execution technique, otherwise the results will hardly please you, and injuries will become a familiar companion. In this matter, you need to show special patience, and you need to master the correct technique under the guidance of an experienced coach.

Insurance. Performing a set with serious weight, ask someone, but rather a permanent partner, to insure you. This will save you trouble in the future.

Engage, Don’t Talk. The gym is a place for training, not a club of interests. Talking between sets relaxes, reduces concentration, and this is a direct path to injury.

Coach’s Choice

trainer in the gymIf you are new to the gym, then you have a direct path to a trainer. Only he can teach the basics of training, set the right technique, draw up a training program, choose a diet and answer thousands of other questions that arise. When choosing, remember that a good trainer is not the one whose prices for individual training go off scale, but the whole wall is hung with awards, and not even the one who personally squatted with a barbell of 250 kg in front of your eyes, but the one who is recommended. Often a good coach, had no regalia in the past, and the results of his clients speak for themselves.

Training partner

A good training partner will insure you if necessary, point out mistakes, and serve as a stimulating factor. Even better if you get along well with each other, you have similar goals, you are engaged in the same schedule and similar programs.

On the other hand, you should not choose as a partner a person who skips workouts, and uses every break between sets to talk to the fullest about free topics. Believe me, the harm from such a person will be more than good.

Decide on goals and deadlines

After all that you have already done, I will say that this point is the most important. Decide on the goals you want to achieve by exercising regularly in the gym. Someone, for example, is not satisfied with the belly hanging over the belt and he wants to drive a couple of extra pounds at the waist, the other pursues a larger and more daring goal — to radically reshape his figure. Either way, you need to have a specific and achievable goal.

The second important point — it is necessary to set a time frame for the implementation of the intended goal. Time constraints have a stimulating effect, a well-known fact: the closer the deadline at work, the higher the productivity of work. Without setting specific deadlines, few people manage to squeeze the maximum out of themselves. The same principle applies in training. It often happens like this: a person regularly goes to the gym, performs the intended amount of work, month after month passes and there is no visible change. And although there is no visible progress, he calms himself with the thought “I go to the gym regularly, which means I do everything necessary, which means that sooner or later the goal will be achieved.” Such a stagnant situation may last for years, but temporary restrictions change everything. When there is a goal and deadlines for achieving it, the closer the deadline, the more often a person thinks: “why is there no progress, what am I doing wrong?”. He analyzes his lifestyle, training schedule, set of exercises, diet and other parameters that affect the quality of training. And mistakes are found, and timely adjustments bring him closer to his dream.

Exercise wisely, and your patience and perseverance will lead you to success and good fitness!

Gym training: where to start? Part 1

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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