Gym training: where to start? Part 1


Every year more and more people decide to go to the gym, as they begin to realize the benefits that a good physical shape promises them.

Regular workouts in the gym can drastically change your life. For a second, imagine: you are in excellent physical shape for your age, have enviable health, and most importantly, vital energy is beating out of you. A beautiful picture can become a reality, the main thing is to have a strong desire, a bit of patience and … brains. Do not be surprised, you have to think and analyze a lot.

Training will usually start in the gym, but we will start with a visit to the doctor.

Consult your doctor

Remember the main thing: training can bring tangible benefits at any age. But age, unfortunately, imposes its limitations, so before visiting the gym, you need to check with a doctor. At the age of 20, many do not follow this recommendation, but in vain! Diseases and injuries suffered in childhood are safely forgotten, but during training in the gym they can go sideways. What is recommended for 20-year-olds is the rule for 30-year-olds. Before the first visit to the hall, you need to visit a doctor and carefully examine the entire body.

Now that the doctor’s permission has been received, we proceed to the next question:

Gym selection

The gym can be both large and small, expensive and not very expensive, include a swimming pool, spa and solarium, is located in a modern office center, or can be compactly located in the basement of a neighboring house. But all these factors may be absolutely not important for us. Here’s what you should really pay attention to:

Convenient location. Since now you will regularly visit the gym, of course, its location should be as convenient as possible. Someone decides to go to training immediately after work and chooses a gym near the place of work, it will be more convenient for someone if the gym is close to home. The main criterion is that you feel comfortable.

Technical equipment. The training room should be set up as a training room, not an exhibition of equipment. Often in modern gyms you can find dozens of ultra-modern colossus and just one bench for bench press, in front of which there are constant queues. Pay attention to the presence in the hall of such things as a bench for a bench press, a squat rack, a horizontal bar, parallel bars, a bench for lifting the biceps, a bench for the press, a set of weights and dumbbells with a step of no more than 1 kg and, attention, leg press machines and calf development. Trust me, you won’t need most of those modern shiny machines in gyms, well… unless you’re here to work out.


Other amenities. There must be good ventilation in the hall, this is important! Stale hot air is not conducive to intense workouts and, moreover, it is an increased burden on the heart. A locker room where you can change into a training uniform, and a locker to leave personal belongings. It is desirable that there is a shower room in the gym, but in the cold season, going outside after a shower is fraught with consequences.

The next question that needs time is:

Required equipment

clothing must be:

  • light
  • do not restrict movement
  • not be a potential source of injury

The last point requires further clarification. For example, the hood of a sports blouse may well catch on the neck of the bar, and the long sleeve — in the grooves of the simulator. Therefore, the ideal choice for training in the gym is shorts and a T-shirt.


  • on hard soles
  • definitely no heels
  • tightly fixed on the leg

Sneakers, which are most often worn to the gym, are not suitable for every workout. Let’s say squats and deadlifts are not safe to perform in them, since their sole is springy. The best choice is moccasins or sneakers with a hard sole, without a heel.

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Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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