Folk remedies for problem hair


Old proven recipes no worse than modern cosmetics will help you solve the most common problems of hair and scalp

“What progress has been made! Until unseen miracles!” This phrase from the famous children’s film can be attributed to the huge number of cosmetics currently being produced. It would seem that on the shelves of stores there is everything that can be useful for taking care of your body: creams for dry, oily, combination and normal skin, tightening, moisturizing, regenerating, anti-cellulite creams of all stripes. Scrubs, peels, foot and hand products — you can’t count them all. One of the leading positions in this impressive list is occupied by hair care products. Manufacturers claim that with the help of their cosmetic preparations, the buyer will be able to cope with any problem, whether it be dandruff, hair loss or dull hair. In practice, very often, having unsuccessfully changed more than one shampoo and conditioner, having tried many masks, a person stops at time-tested folk recipes. And, it should be noted, this kills two birds with one stone: it solves the problems that have arisen and saves a lot on expensive drugs.

Of course, in order to effectively solve a problem with hair or scalp, it is necessary to initially establish the cause of its occurrence. And, if hair loss is due to hormonal imbalance or a disease of the circulatory system, do not try to help yourself with natural remedies alone. Folk recipes in this case should be used only in combination with traditional medical treatment.

Folk remedies for dandruff

Dandruff — one of the most common and annoying diseases of the scalp. The reason for its occurrence is the increased, pathological reproduction of the fungus Pityrosporum ovale, which lives on the scalp of every person. Until a certain point, he does not cause any concern. When, under the influence of some reasons, which a trichologist will help to identify, the composition of sebum changes, the fungus begins to multiply several times faster and creates a lot of trouble for its owner.

A proven herbal infusion will help get rid of dandruff. To prepare the infusion, take a tablespoon of burdock roots, nettle leaves, horsetail, hop cones and yarrow inflorescences, pour boiling water in a thermos. After four hours, the dandruff remedy is ready.

Nettle has proven itself in the fight against dandruff. Crushed fresh nettle leaves are boiled over low heat for half an hour, after which vinegar is added, at the rate of one tablespoon per liter of water. The decoction is used as a rinse aid. It is worth cautioning blondes — all herbal decoctions, except for chamomile, can give an ugly shade to blond hair.

Folk remedies for hair loss

Folk remedies for hair lossHair loss is the second most common problem. In most cases, this is a signal of problems inside the body. Doctors advise sounding the alarm if the number of hair loss per day is more than a hundred. Of course, it is impossible to take into account every hair that has fallen out, so everyone is guided by their subjective feelings. So, if you decide that something is wrong, you should stock up on pepper tincture. Preparing this effective remedy is outrageously simple: two pods of hot pepper are poured into a glass of 70% alcohol and hidden for two weeks in a dark place. Then, for a month, daily, rub the tincture into the scalp and leave without rinsing. The tool causes a rush of blood to the scalp, thereby improving the nutrition of the hair follicles and stimulating their growth. Pepper-infused burdock oil acts similarly, plus it softens dry scalp. Decoctions of burdock root, nettle, egg yolk and honey masks, aloe juice are effective in hair loss.

Products for oily and dry hair

Greasy hair traditional healers advise washing with a decoction of oak bark (add three tablespoons of oak bark in a liter of water, cook for fifteen minutes).

For dry hair shows the use of various oils, for example — olive, castor, burdock. Make masks once a week, leaving on the hair for 2-4 hours. Then wash your hair in the usual way.

In any case, remember that if your hair condition has changed, if there are any problems with them, first of all, you should pay attention to your health.

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