Exercises for the buttocks


By performing exercises for the buttocks, you naturally transform your “weak spot” into an object for the sincere admiration of others.

The modern «sedentary» lifestyle implies an almost complete lack of physical activity. At the same time, the load on the muscles is minimal, as a result — they decrease in size and begin to sag under the influence of gravitational forces. And the buttocks are no exception. The “loin and breeches zone” is number one on the list of “problem areas” for most women, which is why the desire to reverse this process is understandable.

Indeed, there is not much point in talking about the influence of a beautiful toned priests on various aspects of the life of their happy owner. Great mood, compliments from girlfriends and friends, admiration in the eyes of a husband or loved one — only a small fraction of the reward for this.

So why is it asked not to make some effort and not make your buttocks become an object of admiration, and not a reason for frustration. The answers to this question will be innumerable. But if you do not delve into the problems of each, then they can be divided into two main categories:

«I don’t have time for this because…» As a rule, this answer is true only in some cases, and in the rest it is banal laziness and a reason to think.

The second category includes answers: “I want to exercise to be in shape, but I don’t know what to do” in all variations. It is for these women that our article will be of interest.

We do not consider the third option: “I am quite satisfied with my booty”, since it is the presence of this category of women that allows us to say with confidence that the problem of the “fifth point” is solvable.

So, let’s now figure out how to make your ass return to its former shape and become irresistible again.

Exercises for the buttocks

There are actually a great many exercises to bring the priests into proper form, and it will be difficult for a non-specialist to figure it out, oh, how difficult, which means mistakes are inevitable. To avoid this, we present you with only some exercises to work on the buttocks. The selection criterion is the simplest: the exercise must be really effective.

Lunges — in our opinion, the most effective exercise for working on the shape and elasticity of the gluteal muscles.

Lunges can be performed in two variations:

Shoulder lunges — an exercise that primarily involves the gluteus maximus muscle, the quadriceps muscles of the thighs receive some load.


1. Stand straight and spread your legs slightly, while the barbell rests on your trapezius muscles (this is just below the neck).

2. While inhaling, keeping the body in a level position, take a step forward so that the hip to be moved is parallel to the floor.

3. After a short pause, smoothly return to the starting position and exhale.

Lunges with dumbbells — in this variation, instead of a barbell, you take a dumbbell in each hand. In this version, it will be easier for you to maintain balance, but some of the load will fall on the muscles of the arms.

The execution technique is similar to lunges with a barbell.

What is important: a shorter stride shifts the load from the buttocks to the muscles of the thighs.

Deep Squats — the most effective exercise for increasing the mass of the buttocks. Therefore, if you are satisfied with the volume of your buttocks, then you should not pay much attention to this exercise, or perform it with low weight and a large number of repetitions. In this case, squats will have a «pulling» effect.

You can learn more about the technique of doing squats here. The main difference is that you go as deep as possible, trying to touch the calf with your hips.

Hyperextensions — a great exercise that has a «pulling» effect on the buttocks, and also strengthens the muscles of the lower back and back of the thigh.

You can learn more about the technique of performing hyperextensions here.

Lifting the body in the supine position — an affordable and effective exercise for the buttocks. It engages the ischio-popliteal and gluteus maximus muscles in the work, bringing them into tone, which immediately affects the shape of your priests. In addition, this is the only exercise that does not require special conditions and equipment, and therefore it can be performed at home.


1. Lie on your back, place your hands palms down along the body. Bend your knees and rest your heels on the floor.

2. On an inhale, lift your buttocks off the floor so that your body forms a nearly straight line from knees to shoulders.

3. At the top point, tighten the muscles of the buttocks as much as possible and linger for 1-2 seconds. Then lower yourself to the starting position, without touching the floor with your buttocks, and exhale.

What is important: do this exercise with a small amplitude, focusing on the moment of tension of the buttocks at the top point, in order to achieve a feeling of muscle fatigue.

In addition to the exercises described, there are many others that are far from always useless. But we really believe that this set of exercises for the buttocks is optimal, and excessive information will not only not help, but also harm. After all, confusion in the head from the number of exercises and how to combine them in the complex will not lead to anything good. Perform the described set of exercises regularly and technically correctly, and you will very soon come to your dream — beautiful and toned buttocks.

It is important: Learn the technique of performing exercises only under the guidance of an experienced instructor. He will also help you compose the optimal set of exercises and answer thousands of other questions that arise “in practice”.

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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