Exercises for epee


If your goal is to stretch to sit on the twine, then this set of exercises will allow you to achieve it.

It is known that moderate regular stretching can bring many benefits to your body, but for this it is absolutely not necessary to develop exceptional flexibility and sit on the twine. If you still want or need to sit on the twine, then these exercises will help make your goal realistic.

We note right away that we will not indicate the time frame that you will need in order to sit on the twine, and those who promise otherwise are simply disingenuous. Without knowing your specific situation, making predictions and even more so giving guarantees is unlikely to be honest. And even if your friend was able to sit on the twine in 2 months or, say, six months, this does not mean that you will succeed in this. The only thing we can please you with is that twine is an absolutely real goal, although not an easy one, and it completely depends on your perseverance and perseverance. Dare!

This is important: Before doing any of the exercises below, be sure to warm up your muscles.

Longitudinal twine

This exercise will allow you to stretch in order to sit on the transverse split.

1. Starting position: push the knee of one leg forward, and push the other leg back so that it lies on the floor with its knee.

2. Slowly push the leg bent at the knee further forward until you feel a stretch in the groin and in the back of the leg. Now lower your pelvis down and hold the stretch for about 10-20 seconds, feeling the tense muscles relax.

3. Then push your leg even further forward and lower your pelvis even lower. Hold this position for about 10-15 seconds (See picture).

4. Repeat the exercise for the other side.

It is important:

Don’t stretch until you feel pain. Be patient, otherwise you risk injury.

For balance and stability, rest your hands on either side of your torso on the floor.

The further the foot of the front foot extends, the more its sole comes off the floor.

As flexibility develops, continue lowering your pelvis down, pushing your leg forward, but make sure that the body is located exactly above the pelvis (See figure).

Cross twine

This exercise will allow you to stretch in order to sit on the longitudinal twine. But before performing the exercise described below, we recommend that you perform the following set of exercises.

1. Starting position: legs apart at a convenient distance for you, feet parallel to each other.

2. Slowly spread your legs apart, and at the same time lower your pelvis down until you feel a stretch in the muscles of the inner thighs. Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds, feeling the tense muscles relax.

It is important:

When breeding the legs to the sides, the feet should also move apart at the same time.

Maintain balance by resting your hands on some kind of support or, if stretching allows, on the floor.

As flexibility develops and lowering down, as you spread your legs, make sure that the soles of your feet look up and your heels remain pressed to the floor. Thanks to this, the entire load will fall on the inner thighs, and you will avoid overstretching the knee ligaments.

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov based on the book Stretching for Everyone by Bob and Jill Anderson

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