Encyclopedia of Dance: Tectonic (electro dance)


Tectonic or electro dance is perhaps one of the few phenomena of modern culture that most fully reflects the mood, lifestyle and inner world of today’s youth.

Not so long ago, we witnessed the birth and ubiquity of a new dance movement known as tectonics. Between the supporters of this direction, there are still discussions regarding the term, which means the name of the new dance. Tektonik is a brand that produces a wide range of products — sweatshirts, T-shirts, baseball caps, laces, etc. And the dance itself was originally called electro dance. The pioneers of the new dance movement still insist on this name for the entire set of styles and types of tectonics.

History of occurrence dance

The history of tectonics begins in Belgium, where at the beginning of the 21st century, dance parties performed music in the style of Hardtech, Euro Dance, Hard trance and Jumpstyle. Young people experimented with music and dance moves in an effort to express themselves.

In 2000, a new music and dance direction was demonstrated for the first time in a club in the suburbs of Paris. The new style was enthusiastically received by young people striving for originality and difference from others. The party at the Metropolis club quickly became popular and regularly attracted a large number of people, supporters of the new dance movement.

After a while, another Parisian club began to offer Belgian music in the style of Warm up electro and Hardstyle at regular parties under the name «Tecktonik Killer». Visitors appreciated the new style, and about 8 thousand people began to attend the party regularly. The best DJs from all over the world contributed to the promotion of a new musical and dance direction. The initiative was taken up by other Parisian clubs, and soon parties in the style of «Tecktonik Killer» gained popularity among the Parisian public.

For the first time, the tectonics appeared on the court of the general public in 2007 at the Paris Techno Parade festival. Since then, the new dance style has gained worldwide popularity, thanks to the media and Internet resources. Popularity was also promoted by Lady Tom, Miss Hiroko, Dess — well-known authors of music in the style of electro dance.

Cyril Blanc, art director of Metropolis, hurried to consolidate the commercial success of tectonics and registered a trademark under the abbreviated name of the famous party — Tecktonik. Since then, various types and directions of Belgian music and dance in a new style have been united under the common name «Tectonic». An energy drink with the same name is produced, as well as an assortment of clothes and shoes with Tektonika symbols. The commercialization of the project caused a negative reaction from some performers, and they left the clubs to perform on the street, which contributed to the even greater spread of the dance.

The peak of the movement’s popularity is noted in 2006-2007, and since 2008 there has been a slight decline.

What is a tectonic?

The dance of electro dance or tectonics is unusually dynamic. Capture his energy, a clear rhythm. Dance movements contain elements of techno, hip-hop, popping, locking and others. For tectonics, there are rotational movements with the hands, forearms, various variations of swaying on half-bent legs. The dance requires the performer to have a good sense of rhythm, coordination and coordination of movements.


In the style of clothing, electro dance performers adhere to minimalism and unisex. Clothing should be sporty, comfortable, and not restrict movement. Tectonic appeared as a desire of young people to express themselves, so you can not adhere to any stereotypes in clothes, but strive to reveal your individuality to the fullest. The pioneers of tectonics wore flat-soled Buffalo shoes, white gloves, and a pacifier in their mouths. Now this movement is more democratic, everyone strives to be different from others, which means that there are no rules and stereotypes. Supporters of electro dance have their own emblem — the imperial eagle.

Features of the dance movements of the tectonics depend on his styles.

Kinds dance and their features

There are several types of tectonics:

  • Tecktonik
  • Tecktonic Guy
  • hardstyle
  • Vertigo
  • Tecktonik-mix
  • New Electro Style

They can be divided into two groups:

1. Hard

hardstyle — a hard, rough style that requires the dancer to be in good physical shape. The dance is based on sweeping hand movements. This is the most difficult type of tectonics. There is a female and male version.

Vertigo. Distinctive features of this style are a high tempo, the predominance of wide movements of the arms of the body over the movements of the body. The elements are more complex. Some artists consider Vertigo to be a kind of Hardstyle

Electrostyle. A feature of this style is a particularly tough manner of performance. The arms and legs, and the head, and the body of the dancer are involved. Unlike other types of tectonics, the dancer actively moves around the dance floor. For this style, coordination of movements is especially important.

2. Soft

Milky Way — the style of tectonics, in which great importance is attached to the continuous movements of the hands. This is the most common type of electro dance. The peculiarity of this type is in the positive, which the performer must certainly demonstrate.

Jumpstyle. A feature of this type is that in the dance the movements are carried out only with the feet. Legs are thrown alternately forward and backward, creating the effect of a running person. The pace is fast — from 150 beats per minute.

Tecktonik-mix – dancers of this style actively add movements from other dance styles to electro dance — Hip-Hop, B-Boying, Popping, Waving, Liquid-Pop, Vogging and others, while maintaining the originality of tectonics.

The boundaries of these styles are not definitively defined, since tectonics is a young, not fully formed and constantly developing movement.

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