Encyclopedia of Dance: Macarena


The perky Spanish Macarena conquered the whole world with her unpretentious movements and light, pleasant music, which makes you forget about problems and surrender to an exciting rhythm.

Melody Macarena appeared in 1996, quickly became popular and spread throughout the world. At first it was just a song with simple content, and later simple movements joined the song. Thus began the journey of the Macarena around the world.

History of occurrence

The author of Macarena is a duet from Spain «Los Del Rio», which includes Antonio Romero and Rafael Ruiz. The duet owes the name of the song to one of Antonio’s daughters, after whom the hit is named. Macarena is also the name of the quarter in the famous Seville, where the famous literary characters Don Quixote and Carmen came from. It was in this quarter that the debut of Macarena’s song performed by the duet «Los Del Rio» in 1993 took place.

The creation of the song by Antonio Romeo and Rafael Ruiz was inspired by the performance of a flamenco teacher at one of the private parties in Venezuela. In 1996, literally the whole world was engulfed in “macarenomania”. The song was performed in concert halls, sounded in cafes, at discos, in houses, on the streets. The little-known Spanish duo, with the help of Macarena, immediately took first place in the British and American charts and held the leading position for 14 weeks. Clockwork Macarena did what politicians could not do — united the world in joy and fun.

Macarena had every chance of becoming the official anthem of the Atlanta Olympics. Under Macarena, the American gymnastics team celebrated their successes, basketball players ended matches with this dance, and even delegates to the convention of the American Democratic Party, who decided to elect Bill Clinton as a presidential candidate, performed Macarena.

In Rio de Janeiro, 120 thousand people once came out to the central square to dance this dance. And in Spain, in the city of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Macarena was simultaneously performed by more than four hundred thousand people.

What is Macarena?

The birthplace of Macarena is not Bolivia or Mexico, as one might assume from the nature of music and dance, but Andalusia is a flourishing and sunny land in southern Spain. A gentle sun, a light breeze, an atmosphere of coquetry and flirting — all this was reflected in a frivolous song about a girl named Macarena, who accompanied her lover to the army and promised to wait for him. But a sunny summer day is full of temptations, hot Spanish blood boils, and handsome young guys excite the imagination. How can the inexperienced Macarena resist here! The captivating melody of the song draws you into the dance, life is seething, passions are heating up. The motto of the dance is not to think about what will happen tomorrow, to live here and now, to take everything that it can give from life, without thinking about the consequences and problems. Probably, it is precisely in this philosophy that the phenomenal success of the dance lies, which suddenly captivated the whole world.

The dance moves are very simple. Not only the legs are involved, but also the arms and head. You can put your hands forward, turn your palms up and back, raise, lower, throw over your head, hug yourself by the shoulders. There are many options. Some even managed to dance the Macarena while sitting.

Features of the Macarena

The main feature of the Macarena was its phenomenal, unsurpassed in terms of mass, success. For the nineties Macarena sounded quite unusual. It was a kind of combination of new flamenco or Flamenco Nuevo, rumba and pop music. This unusual combination caused the popularity of Macarena. There are many varieties of this dance and everyone has the opportunity to choose the one that most fully reveals his individuality and skill. Many versions of the Macarena song are also known. The Soviet listener is familiar with this song in the version of Sergei Minaev.

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