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The one who works well, the one who works well and has fun. After a hard day at work comes the realization of a job well done. The legs themselves ask to dance, and the perky «Bulba» unites everyone in a mischievous dance!

Dance is one of the most ancient types of folk art in Belarus. Belarusian dance and song folklore is unusually diverse and rich. The range of his subjects and themes is unusually wide. By playing, ritual, calendar and labor dances, we have the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the character, life and way of life of the people.

Belarusians are cheerful and hardworking people. Love for work, as their main national feature, is reflected in the song and dance art of this country. It is no coincidence that many Belarusian dances reflect the labor process in their composition and movements. These are dances Bulba, Lenok, Kachan, Pushers and others.

The history of the origin of the dance

Like many other folk dances, the Bulba dance came to us from the depths of centuries. Folk dance is a kind of art in which the history of the people, their everyday life and holidays are captured in vivid artistic images. So the dance «Bulba» helps the viewer to get an impression of the mentality of the Belarusian people, their character.

«Bulba» in Belarusian means «potato». It is known that Belarus is a country where the main agricultural activity is the cultivation of potatoes. The dance «Bulba» shows the viewer the labor process associated with planting, processing and digging potatoes.

Having arisen in the gray depths of centuries, «Bulba» is extremely popular even now. Many dance ensembles have this dance in their repertoire, Belarusian dances are studied in choreographic educational institutions, circles and studios.Potato dance

What is Bulba dance?

Basically, Belarusian dances are mass, paired. This also characterizes the nation as exceptionally benevolent, sociable and good-natured. Only girls participate in the classical dance «Bulba». Obviously, historically, young people were busy at this moment with more important things. But girls have the opportunity to demonstrate their diligence, and their carefree disposition, and their dancing art. The dance «Bulba» is a great example of how you can treat tedious work with ease and fun, and how you can relax after hard work in a mischievous and provocative dance.

The musical size of the dance is 2/4. The dance is characterized by a clear, well-defined pattern. Dancing couples in countless combinations create complex patterns, similar to a floral ornament. The dancers either converge in a large circle, then break into several small ones, then line up in columns, then reorganize into lines — there are no number of combinations and patterns that can be created in the Bulba dance.

The Belarusian dance «Bulba» is characterized by stomping, jumping, galloping, ropes, stepping, «polechka» movement and others.

Features of the dance «Bulba»

«Bulba», on the one hand, is a folk dance, and on the other hand, a dance that has fallen in love with many choreographers. It is staged with pleasure not only by Belarusian choreographers, but also by choreographers from all over the world. Especially often it is performed by folk choreographic groups in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Choreographers-producers treat Belarusian folklore with care. In their stage compositions, the spirit of folk dance is preserved, the character and temperament of the Belarusian people are conveyed.

For the Bulba dance, lightness, liveliness, and swiftness are characteristic. In the mischievous dance, you can feel the endless field, the gentle sun, and the weightless breeze. The main feature of Belarusian folk dances is their sparkling gaiety, spontaneity and bright joy.

Dancing «Bulba» is much easier than planting a bulba. Beginners will be happy to master several basic dance movements, while professionals can endlessly improve their skills and hone their filigree technique. «Bulba» is a dance for both amateurs and professionals.

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