Elumination — color health of your hair


Do you dream of a new hair color, but are afraid of harmful coloring? Now there is something that will give your hair not only a chic shade and shine, but also health

Elution technology

The procedure begins with the fact that your hair is cleansed of all kinds of pollution with the help of special products that help get rid of the smallest particles of dust and styling products. The next step is degreasing the hair, which is also carried out by special means. This step is necessary for the deep penetration of the paint into the hair structure.

Next, a special preparation is applied to the entire length of the hair, which evens out the structure of the hair, which ensures an even distribution of paint, which means a uniform shade. And only after that a layer of Elumen dye is applied. The dye is washed off after an average of 30 minutes with a special shampoo, which is specially designed for the elution procedure.

After washing, a stabilizer is applied to the hair, which ensures color stability. And the conditioner that cares for dyed hair completes the elution procedure.

On average, the procedure lasts about 1.5 hours. The result lasts up to 3-4 weeks.

The principle of operation of elution

Elution is a fundamentally new way of dyeing hair. This method does not require the use of oxidizing agents. The principle of operation of the dye is that its particles are negatively charged, which means they are attracted by positively charged particles of the hair. That is, the whole principle of staining is built not on chemical reactions, but on physical properties.

This means that during the procedure, the hair is not destroyed, but. on the contrary, damaged areas are “filled in”. During elution, the dye penetrates deeply into the hair, seals the porous gaps due to the astringent effect.

Another important aspect of elution is that each hair is wrapped in a thin film as a result of the procedure, which, firstly, protects the color itself, and secondly, thickens the hair.

Color spectrum

The range of color shades during elution is quite wide. The palette includes about 4 main groups (from pure red to delicate blond). In total, there are about 45 flowers in groups. It should also be borne in mind that mixing shades in this procedure is possible. That is, the master will always help you get exactly the color that suits you.

If you have already dyed your hair in other ways and do not want to change the color, but simply fix it and treat your hair, then there is a “transparent color” in the palette that will help you complete the entire procedure without changing the shade.

The result of the procedure

After the elution procedure, the hair looks healthy and shiny. All irregularities are smoothed out, and the scales of the hairs fit and stop bristling. The result is especially noticeable on damaged, overdried or injured hair.

Your new color will last up to two months without fading or fading. The only reason why you may have to repeat the procedure earlier (after 3-4 weeks) is overgrown roots.

Elution not only preserves the structure of the hair, but also improves it. By enveloping the hairs with a film that thickens the diameter by up to 15%, as a result you will get not only a healthy shine, but also hair density (on average, the density increases by 1.5 times).

After the elution procedure, the hair becomes elastic and obedient, the styling process is greatly facilitated, without the use of special products.

Well, the last fact for this procedure — elution does not harm the hair, but heals and protects from the effects of harmful environmental factors.

Let your hair be not only beautiful, but also healthy!

Author: Natalia Kay

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