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Beautiful and well-groomed skin is always the result of a complex effect in which nutrition plays the role of the first violin.

Very often, the cause of discord in the work of human organs and systems is his lifestyle and nutrition. And since the skin is an integral part of our body and its largest organ, this affects it in the most direct way. Diseases of the cardiovascular system and digestive tract, obesity, diabetes and a number of other diseases are the result of lifestyle and nutrition. A rhetorical question arises: if a person’s diet and lifestyle can have such an impact on health, then how do they affect his skin?

Despite the obviousness of the answer, we emphasize: the quality of nutrition has a direct impact on the condition and appearance of the skin. And such techniques as the use of cosmetics or plastic surgery methods can only mask and slightly correct her condition.

The right diet for the skin should include the same set of micro and macro elements, vitamins and other nutrients that are necessary for the body.

Skin Diet: Food Exceptions

There are a number of products, the regular consumption of which negatively affects the condition and appearance of the skin:

  • refined foods with excess fat (especially saturated and trans), salt and sugar. These include industrially manufactured sweets and confectionery products, most fast food products, chips, an abundance of fried foods, canned food and convenience foods.
  • beverages such as alcohol, coffee and any sugary soda

Such products are united by one fact — its almost complete uselessness for the body. A diet consisting mostly of such products, as a rule, is excessive in calories, but does not provide the body with the necessary amount of nutrients.

The right diet for skin

A balanced diet for the skin must necessarily include:

skin diet

Squirrels. Protein is the main building block in the body. The skin needs it for the growth and restoration of connective tissue — collagen. Therefore, you need to eat at least 2 servings containing protein per day. Be sure to include chicken, lean red meat, fish and seafood, dairy products, eggs, legumes, and nuts on your menu.

Fats. Fats are a structural component of any cell and contribute to the fact that the skin was elastic and had a healthy and beautiful appearance. Therefore, any diet based on reducing the amount of fat in food inevitably leads to a deterioration in the condition of the skin. Be sure to include oily fish, flaxseed and olive oils, nuts, poultry, olives, and avocados in your diet. The fats contained in these products are extremely beneficial.

Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body, so their lack affects the work of all organs and systems. Since it is with carbohydrate-containing foods that the main amount of food enters the body, it is important that, in addition to replenishing energy reserves, these foods also contain other useful substances necessary for the body. The “right” carbohydrates are found in vegetables and fruits, wholemeal flour products, basmati rice, brown rice, oatmeal (not instant), buckwheat, legumes, nuts, milk and dairy products.

Vitamins and trace elements

  • Vitamin A. It plays a big role in the formation of new cells in the upper layer of the skin. Vitamin A accelerates the healing process, and also stimulates collagen protein synthesis and reduces the risk of infections. With its lack in the body, the skin becomes rough.
  • Vitamin B5. It is often used in medicines for burns, as well as in the manufacture of cosmetics.
  • Vitamin C. Participates in the synthesis of connective tissue (collagen protein).
  • Vitamin E. Necessary for tissue regeneration, reduces the possibility of scarring, prevents the appearance of senile pigmentation, participates in the formation of collagen — a structural component of the skin.
  • Vitamin F. Provides a healthy skin condition, is part of cell membranes.
  • Biotin. Helps keep skin healthy by protecting against dermatitis.
  • Sulfur affects the condition of the skin (part of collagen).
  • Magnesium maintains the permeability of cell membranes.
  • Aluminum promotes epithelization of the skin, as it takes part in the construction of connective tissue.
  • Iron improves skin condition. With its lack, the skin becomes dry.
  • Silicon is part of the connective tissue and improves skin condition.
  • Copper is part of the collagen protein, affects the pigmentation of the skin.
  • Zinc is essential for normal skin growth and promotes wound healing.

In addition to the vitamins and microelements listed above, it is also important to have antioxidants in food — substances that can neutralize the negative effects of free radicals on the skin. Substances with antioxidant activity include vitamins A, C, E, B1, folic acid, ubiquinone, lipoic acid, trace elements zinc, copper and selenium.

Water and leather

Lack of water is the easiest way to aggravate the condition of the skin. Dehydrated skin tissues are much more prone to the manifestation of dermatological and cosmetic defects, such as:

  • skin tightness
  • peeling
  • mimic wrinkles
  • the appearance of dermatitis and irritation associated with skin sensitivity
  • manifestation of rosacea (spider veins)
  • earlier skin aging

It should also be remembered that excessively dry skin is the «base» for the development of much more serious dermatological diseases.

To provide the skin with the necessary amount of moisture, it is not enough to regularly use cosmetics for external exposure. To maintain the necessary water balance, both in the inner and outer layers of the skin, at least 1 liter of clean, unboiled water should be included in the daily diet. Liquid from tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages or soups cannot replace pure water for a variety of reasons and is therefore not included in this number.

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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