Cosmetics Kristina number one brand in Israel


If a woman looks great at any age, be sure she uses cosmetics from the Christina brand. This brand originated a little over 30 years ago in Israel. At home, the products instantly won love, and soon became popular all over the world. Christina cosmetics received such a high rating due to the fact that it demonstrates excellent healing properties and a pronounced effect.

Cosmetics Christina a bit of history

The brand was founded by a woman cosmetologist named Christina Zehavi, who once set a goal to create products that can eliminate a variety of skin defects with the highest efficiency. The history of the brand began in a small factory, which over time has turned into a huge enterprise, which involves several dozen departments conducting laboratory and scientific research, developing and testing new products, as well as careful quality control.

The Christina line has over two hundred different face and body care products. The position of the manufacturer is based on the belief that every modern person deserves to be the owner of perfectly healthy skin. What is needed for that? Not so much, but not enough: choose the right care strategy and purchase high-quality cosmetics suitable for a particular skin type. All these requirements are met by Christina cosmetics.

The list of products includes professional skin care preparations, which are divided into lines depending not only on skin type, but also on the direction of action. Thanks to such a well-thought-out system, it will not be difficult for you to find the means to effectively solve your individual problems. The Christina online cosmetics store offers a wide range of products of this brand and a detailed description for them, which will greatly facilitate the choice.

If you entered a query into the search system «Kristina cosmetics buy (Kyiv)» and got to this page, you are on the right path to perfect beauty. Here you will find medicinal preparations of external influence, peelings, creams, Christina tonic and other products for home use. First of all, you need to take care of cleansing the skin of the face. To do this, the company has developed light soaps that do not leave the effect of tightness and dryness, fragrant tonics and lotions that do not cause allergies, as well as foams and masks. These products allow you to forever forget about the problems associated with oily skin, acne, early wrinkles, dryness and hypersensitivity. Literally in a month, Christina solves all of the above problems.

Cosmetics Christina reviews of specialists

Christina has its own scientific division, where renowned cosmetic scientists work to develop innovative technologies for effective cosmetic products. The products are based on natural ingredients, since this brand does not recognize synthetics. Raw materials are obtained from environmentally friendly sources, so the content of any toxins in the product is excluded. Each product of the Christina brand allows you to provide the skin with such good care that the need to visit the salon simply disappears.

Buy Christina cosmetics Kyiv is not limited only to the capital, delivery is also made to other cities of the country. With this line of cosmetics, you can look attractive at any age. With the onset of menopause, the level of estrogen in a woman’s body decreases significantly, which affects her appearance. Nevertheless, Christina helps to look chic and fresh even after 50.

Professionals in the field of beauty services have recognized Christina as a universal tool for maintaining a spectacular appearance. Many cosmetologists recommend this particular brand to their clients and use it during salon procedures, since the quality of this cosmetic is worthy of professionals.

Christina is the best way to stay beautiful

Today, the brand produces several dozens of narrow-purpose series designed for people of specific age groups with certain skin characteristics. For example, the Forever Young collection literally erases any age-related changes, restoring skin elasticity and former tone. The Bio Phyto line will be a real discovery for those who suffer from problematic skin. An excellent solution is the FluorOxygen + C series, which allows you to simultaneously eliminate signs of aging and age spots. And with the help of Peelosophy, you can produce high-quality progressive skin cleansing. Any Christina cream effectively performs the functions indicated on the package.

It should be noted that the described brand actively cares not only about beauty, but also about the health of customers, and therefore, before going on sale, all products undergo multi-level quality control. Initially, the source material is carefully tested, since only reliable ingredients must be used in production. In the future, each stage of production is accompanied by careful control.

Natural ingredients are a kind of calling card of Israeli cosmetics Christina. The composition contains exclusively natural ingredients, such as oils, extracts of medicinal plants, fruit extracts and more. That is why your skin literally blooms with Christina.


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