Contrast (Scottish) shower


A contrast shower is a kind of Charcot shower. Only the emphasis of the procedure is placed on the temperature difference of the massage jets.

What it is?

The procedure is similar to Charcot’s douche. A powerful stream of water is also directed at you and certain areas are massaged with it. In this form, two hoses are already used. Hot water is supplied from one, cold water is supplied from the second.

In a cold hose, water changes temperature during the procedure from 25 degrees (at the beginning) to 10 (at the end). In a hot hose, the temperature rises from 35 (at the beginning) to 45 degrees (at the end). Experts recommend using hot for 30-40 seconds, and cold for 15-20 seconds. During the entire procedure, the water is changed 5-6 times. The procedure usually starts with hot water, and ends with cold. The temperature difference changes gradually.

Experts do not advise starting hydrotherapy procedures with a contrast shower. For the human body, it is too much stress. You can prepare yourself for this procedure by starting with Charcot’s shower.

Contrast shower: effect on the body

A contrast shower can be local and general (it all depends on the goals and indications). As a local procedure, a shower is prescribed for the following indications:

  • obesity
  • constipation associated with intestinal tone
  • lumbar pain
  • radiculitis

As a general procedure, a contrast shower has the following indications:

  • nervous and psychogenic diseases
  • chronic fatigue
  • rehabilitation after tracheobronchitis
  • unstable vascular tone
  • allergies
  • diseases of the internal organs

It should also be noted that the procedure tones the whole body, improves mood, improves immunity and tempers. And it is also an excellent prevention of cellulite.


Contraindications to the use of a contrast shower coincide with contraindications to Charcot’s shower, that is:

  • nervous disorders, psychosis, depression
  • some cardiovascular diseases
  • decreased immunity (hardening)
  • diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system (hernia, osteochondrosis, some diseases of the joints, rehabilitation of patients after injuries)
  • diseases of the internal organs
  • metabolic disease
  • obesity
  • lymph problems, etc.

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Author: Natalia Kay

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