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Cosmetics are not just a cream or gel for washing. Cosmetics groups are divided into consumer cosmetics, luxury cosmetics, and cosmeceuticals. Few people today can give a clear definition of the term «cosmeceuticals». Cosmeceuticals (cosmetics + pharmaceuticals) is a modern cosmetic trend within which a separate branch of cosmetology is developing, and new cosmetic products are being created that can work wonders. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic preparations that can not only improve the appearance, skin color and dry acne and acne, but also affect the skin at the cellular level. Cosmeceuticals produce a significant therapeutic effect, thus treating the skin without eliminating visible signs. The composition of cosmeceutical cosmetics is selected based on components that have a low molecular weight. Such components are able to penetrate the cell membrane and directly affect all layers of the skin, as if from the inside.

Our online cosmetics store is focused on the sale of cosmeceutical products, in particular cosmetics called Holy Land. Israeli cosmetics Holy Land is intended for use not only in beauty salons by masters with professionals, but also some preparations are designed for use at home. Our online store can easily provide you with sunscreen cosmetics, cosmetics for oily and problem skin, anti-couperose cosmetics, whitening and moisturizing. The range of Israeli cosmetics Holi Land is really impressive. With this brand, you can find a cream that will have several indications that are right for your case. Cosmeceutical products have a number of advantages over consumer products, as already mentioned, due to their focus on results and their high ability to penetrate all layers of the skin, affecting skin cells, restoring them, increasing regeneration and regulating hydro-lipid balance.

In our online store you can buy Holy Land cosmetics in such sections as: nutrition for all skin types, line with acids, line with enzymes, line for young skin, masks, lotions, line for damaged skin, skin care for eyelids, neck , neckline, anti-aging line and many other sections. Among the means of the presented series, you will choose a unique tool that will suit you.

Cosmeceutical preparations are usually based on the content of algae extracts, therapeutic mud and minerals, as well as peptides and vitamin-like substances. Often, the composition of this or that product includes collagen and elastin of marine origin, which, as you know, are responsible for the elasticity and smoothness of our skin. All these complexes are present in different amounts in one or another means of professional cosmetics Holi Land. I must say that in our country the presented cosmetics are very popular, especially cosmetologists and dermatologists practicing in cosmetology salons and offices are especially “used” to it. Dnepropetrovsk, as well as Odessa and Kharkov, and, of course, Kyiv, have been working on this cosmetics for a long time. Our clients, who are often cosmetologists, are always satisfied with the products we offer, and come back again and again. It is expected that 2015 will be the «year of Holy Land cosmetics» for our site, as Israeli quality and Ukrainian price go together perfectly. Try and you use the cream, lotion or whitening agent of the presented brand, and you will see for yourself that Holi Land cosmetics are not just cosmetics, but a real remedy that acts from the outside. Naturally, skin problems can also be caused by chronic diseases, which also need to be given great attention, but the effect on the skin also plays a big role.

In order to place an order on our website, you only need to fill out the form and indicate the delivery address where we will deliver your cosmetic preparations to you as soon as possible.


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