Causes of peeling lips. Part 2


Peeling lips are not always a harmless irritation. Find out everything about the causes of problems with the skin of the lips and be treated correctly!

Peeling lips accompanied by fever

Sometimes peeling of the lips is not caused by allergic reactions or neutral irritations, but by viral or infectious diseases.

How to determine

If the peeling of the lips is not preceded by dryness and a feeling of “tightness”, but is accompanied by a burning sensation, as well as the appearance of vesicles and small localized inflammation in certain areas, then you have a fever (herpes).

How to fight

With herpes, hygienic lipstick or balm will not help. In this case, ignoring a visit to a dermatologist can only lead to an aggravation of the disease. Therefore, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor for advice. After all, the cause of inflammation and peeling of the lips can be either herpes, or streptococcal infection, or more serious diseases. And only after establishing the diagnosis, proceed to treatment.

Peeling lips accompanied by urticaria

This type of peeling of the lips is usually caused by a lack of vitamins in the body, which means that you should responsibly approach the formation of a diet.

How to determine

With this type of peeling, the skin of the lips is stretched and cracked when stretched. Urticaria periodically “showers” ​​the contour of the lips. Inflammation appears suddenly and also suddenly disappears.

How to fight

Again, the best solution to the problem would be a visit to the doctor, who will issue a referral for tests. Examination will help to determine which substance is lacking in your body. And after the conclusion, include foods rich in it in the diet or start taking a vitamin course (only as directed by a doctor).

Peeling of the lips, accompanied by «jamming»

«Zaedy» — cracks in the corners of the mouth — can appear due to many reasons. The most unpleasant disadvantage of this type of inflammation is the fact that the “jams” are located in the most “active” place in the mouth and for this reason they heal for a very long time.

How to determine

The causes of peeling of the lips, accompanied by the appearance of «jam», are usually mechanical and chemical irritants — spicy foods, foods with a high acid content, too large pieces of food that are inconvenient for biting.

Also, the cause may be the reaction of the body to food allergens, which manifests itself in the form of irritation on the most sensitive areas of the skin (including the lips).

How to fight

Try to exclude foods that cause chemical or mechanical irritation from the diet. It also does not hurt to give up active food allergens (chocolate, honey, cocoa, spices, spicy dishes).

Regularly lubricate the lips with synthomycin ointment. It will help relieve acute inflammation.

Peeling and «fading» of the lips

If your lips not only become dry, but also began to actively lose color, you should not paint over them with oily decorative lipstick. It is better to look for the reasons in yourself. Literally.

How to determine

Have dry and flaky lips become a regular occurrence? And besides, are they accompanied by “fading” of the pigment? There may be several reasons:

  • Body aging
  • Problems with internal organs (liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system, lungs)
  • Heavy smoking

How fight

If in the case of irreversible aging of the body, the only way to combat dryness, “discoloration” and peeling of the lips can be a trip to a beautician who will help solve the problem locally, choosing the procedures that are right for you. Then in the other two cases, the only solution to the problem is to go to the doctor, who will send you for a comprehensive examination. And after the diagnosis is established, treatment will be prescribed.

Locally, the problem can be solved with the help of massages with a toothbrush. Firstly, such a massage exfoliates dead skin cells and restores smoothness to the surface of the lips. And secondly, the active mechanical action of the brush stimulates blood flow to the lips, which will temporarily give them a brighter color. And do not forget to regularly moisturize the skin of the lips, so as not to aggravate the peeling process.

Look after yourself! Be healthy and beautiful!

Causes of peeling lips. Part 1

Author: Natalia Kay

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