Causes of peeling lips. Part 1


Peeling lips can be caused by many reasons. So, only by finding out “where the legs grow from”, you can successfully overcome this trouble.

Very often, especially in the off-season, many of us feel discomfort due to increased peeling of the lips, the appearance of cracks and inflammation in the corners of the mouth. And, complaining about the change in the level of humidity and temperature, they recklessly diagnose themselves — the lips are chapped. Accordingly, many people choose the treatment themselves — lip balm in the morning, afternoon and evening. However, this approach is erroneous, because lip skin problems can be caused by many reasons, which means that they need to be treated in different ways. Otherwise, no means will help you get rid of peeling, and in the worst case, even exacerbate the problem.

In this article, we will give the most common causes of peeling lips, tell you how to determine the root cause of the trouble and how to treat inflammation.

Peeling lips due to chapping

One of the reasons for dry and flaky lips can be the usual chapping of the skin. It is possible to earn it not only by actively licking your lips on a frosty day, standing against the wind. It is enough to have a habit of biting your lips. And then at any time of the year and in any weather from time to time your lips will suffer from excessive dryness.

Causes and signs

This type of peeling of the lips is characterized by the fact that it never appears suddenly. The whole process from the first to the beginning of the last stage can take up to 2 days. At first, you will feel that the skin of the lips is slightly “pulled”. Then the lips begin to dry and, when pulled, can “burst”, leaving small cracks on the surface. And the process of inflammation ends with a period of peeling, which can drag on for several days.

There are two reasons for chapped lips. The first is the habit of biting or licking the lips. The second reason may be moisture that has fallen on the lips in the wind (for example, after you have drunk water, and moisture remains on the lips).

How to fight

If the peeling of the lips is caused by chapping, they should be moistened with high quality and regularly. To do this, do honey masks several times a day (just apply honey on your lips) or any wax-based masks. It also does not hurt to get an anti-peeling balm and do not forget to regularly apply it to the surface of the lips to avoid drying out the skin.

peeling lips

Peeling with inflammation of the border of the lips

If dryness and peeling of the lips is accompanied by inflammation along the contour of the mouth, then it will not work to limit yourself to hygienic lipstick. After all, such a manifestation of the skin can be caused by allergic reactions that should be treated.

Causes and signs

This type of peeling of the lips appears suddenly and is most often the result of the use of low-quality or expired cosmetics. Carefully analyze what cosmetics you have used in the last 5-6 hours (balms, lipsticks, glosses, etc.). If your lips feel dry after using a particular product, remove it from your makeup bag.

How to fight

If peeling of the lips could not be avoided and the first signs of inflammation along the contour of the mouth are already causing discomfort, start treatment. Obtain a corticosteroid ointment from the pharmacy and apply it to the inflamed areas 2-3 times a day. Also, do not forget about a neutral lip balm, which will help eliminate the feeling of dryness and give the lips extra nutrition.

If the inflammatory reaction is too strong, you should consult a dermatologist.

Peeling combined with swelling of the lips

If your lips are not only «pulled», but a clear swelling is also noticeable, it means that you have been in the bright sun for too long and have earned a slight burn. Do not ignore this diagnosis in the cold season. After all, the skin of the lips is very delicate, and the bright winter sun can burn it no less than the summer.

Causes and signs

Sunburn on the lips appears much earlier than on other areas of the skin. Swelling and dryness can appear both directly in the process of being in the sun, and within a day after being under bright rays. This reaction is usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • mild dry mouth
  • itching in the lips
  • burning sensation when touching the inflamed area

How to fight

If your lips actively react to the sun, then from now on always use creams and balms with a high degree of UV protection before going out.

At the time of inflammation, exclude sunbathing and regularly moisturize your lips with neutral products (for example, baby cream) until the irritation disappears completely.

Causes of peeling lips. Part 2

Author: Natalia Kay

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