Breeding dumbbells standing


Breeding dumbbells while standing is an exercise that is used in bodybuilding and fitness to emphasize the load on the middle deltas.

Benefit exercises

Breeding dumbbells while standing is an isolating exercise, the implementation of which allows you to accurately load the middle bunch of deltas. Shoulder width is one of the main parameters for assessing physical development and overall physique. And since it is the middle deltas that most determine the width of the shoulders, the inclusion of dumbbell dilutions in a standing position in the training program will improve the visual perception of the figure and emphasize the athletic physique.

In addition, regular standing dumbbell dilutions will qualitatively improve the relief of the shoulders, emphasizing the line separating the middle deltoid bundle from the rest of the muscles. Breeding dumbbells performed with small weights is an excellent preventive and therapeutic agent for stiffness of the shoulder joint.

Standing Dumbbell Raise Technique

Correct execution technique:

1. Take a dumbbell in each hand, straighten up and place your feet shoulder-width apart. The arms hang freely on the sides of the body, the palms look at the lateral surfaces of the legs and are slightly turned inward, the chin is parallel to the floor, the gaze is directed straight ahead. This is the starting position.

2. Inhale, hold your breath and, tensing your shoulders, gently raise your slightly bent arms to the sides. The movement should take place strictly in a vertical plane, along a line passing through the shoulders. As soon as the hands are above the level of the head, exhale and reverse the direction of movement.

3. Lowering your arms to the starting position, without a pause, do the next repetition.

It is important:

Do the exercise at a moderate pace. Jerking while lifting or accelerating movement while lowering the dumbbell reduces the effectiveness of the exercise and can lead to injury to the shoulder joints.

Throughout the set, keep the body in a stationary position, and do not relax the muscles of the back and abs.

Holding the breath while moving the dumbbells contributes to the development of a more powerful effort for lifting and serves as an injury prevention.

Do not use too heavy dumbbells. They will not allow you to perform the exercise without technical flaws and its effectiveness will decrease.

Slightly bend your elbows at the beginning of the exercise and fix this angle until the end of the set. If during the execution of the hands will involuntarily bend, then you took too heavy dumbbells.

Try to raise the dumbbells at a 45-degree angle above the shoulder line, so you can load the target muscles to the maximum. Raising the weight only to a level where the arms become parallel to the floor and then lowering it down, you not only reduce the load on the muscles, but also contribute to the development of stiffness in the shoulder joints.

Options exercises

  • Breeding in a block simulator. Pick up the handles attached by cables to the lower blocks. In this embodiment, resistance to the movement of the hands is provided by the weight transmitted through the cables through the blocks.

Working muscles when breeding dumbbells while standing

  • deltoid muscles
  • supraspinatus
  • trapeze
  • serratus anterior

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