Breeding dumbbells lying


Breeding dumbbells lying down, not being a «mass-gathering» exercise, will be indispensable in working on the compaction and relief of the pectoral muscles

Benefit exercises

Breeding dumbbells lying down, involving the same mass of muscles as the bench press, focuses the load on the middle and inner edge of the pectoralis major muscle, due to which the chest is given a convex shape and clarity is achieved in the separation between the pectoral muscles. Also, “wiring” is done to improve the relief of the pectoral muscles.

Performing this exercise will positively affect your performance in sports such as wrestling, boxing, tennis, badminton, basketball, gymnastics and acrobatics, and many others.

Technique for performing breeding dumbbells lying down:

1. Lie with your whole body on a horizontal bench and rest your feet on the floor. On your own, or better with the help of a partner, take dumbbells, holding them on almost straightened arms above your chest. The palms should face each other. Throughout the set, do not take your head off the bench, do not arch your back and keep your arms with dumbbells slightly bent at the elbows. This is the starting position.

2. Inhale and, holding your breath, smoothly, strictly in a vertical plane, spread your arms to the sides to shoulder level or, if stretching allows, a little lower. Having reached the bottom point, without stopping, start lifting the dumbbells up. After passing the “dead center”, exhale and return the dumbbells to their original position.

It is important:

Master the exercise by working with light weights.

If doing the exercise, you do not control the angle in the elbow joint, then you need to move on to working with lighter dumbbells. Changing the angle is fraught with the fact that the elbows will fall significantly below shoulder level, which reduces the effectiveness of the exercise, turning it into a bench press, and is also traumatic.

Holding your breath in the “difficult phase” allows you not to relax the muscles that stabilize the body, which helps to perform the exercise and reduces the likelihood of injury.

Do not breed while holding the weight in straight arms, this is fraught with injury to the elbow joints.


Breeding dumbbells on an incline bench. By analogy with the dumbbell press, this option will shift the focus of the load to the top of the pectoral muscles.

Working muscles when breeding dumbbells lying down

  • pectoral muscles
  • deltoid muscles (anterior bundle)

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