Breast care


A beautiful female breast is a reason for pride and an object of sighing. Therefore, caring for her is so important so that over the years she does not lose her youth and attractiveness.

Women’s breasts, regardless of size and shape, need specific care. Even if you are not genetically prone to early aging, the chest, as well as the face, neck and hands, will give out the first signs of it. With proper and timely care for the décolleté, mammary glands and breast skin, you will preserve its youth and beauty for many years.

Breast clothing

One of the main aspects of breast care is wearing a bra. Wearing supportive underwear should begin during puberty. Thus, you will help the skin of the breast, removing some of the load from it while maintaining the mammary glands. So, it will not stretch, and accordingly will not age ahead of time.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find comfortable and beautiful underwear. But when choosing a bra, you should first pay attention to comfort, and not to showiness. He should support the chest, and not pinch it. Any discomfort can lead to problems and diseases of the mammary glands. Therefore, you should take the time to choose underwear of your size and be sure to try it on before buying.

Also, the functional purpose of the bra should not be ignored. If you play sports, use special underwear with a more pronounced supportive effect in order to remove additional stress from the breast skin. But you should not wear it in everyday life, as a strong slimming effect will put excessive pressure on the mammary glands.

And remember — wearing a bra is necessary not only for busty girls, but also for owners of miniature breasts.

Cosmetics and massages for breasts

An important aspect of breast care is the regular use of masks and creams for breast skin. Maintaining skin elasticity with regular moisturizing will help prevent stretch marks and sagging.

Choose special products designed for breast skin care. They include the necessary set of special purpose elements. But you can always prepare masks and creams on your own. So, excellent care for the female breasts can be carried out with the help of paraffin therapy (, which has long been used to maintain the youthfulness of the skin of the hands, neck and face.

Also, when caring for female breasts, special massages should be practiced. They differ from classical massage by the force of impact. With the help of this massage, you can improve blood circulation and metabolic processes of the skin of the chest. It is useful to combine this procedure with contrast showers.

Breast Skin Hygiene

Proper care of the female breast involves the rejection of alkaline soaps, alcohol-containing and any other irritating agents. The skin of the breast is very delicate, therefore, for hygiene, only soft products should be chosen.

Washing the décolleté and mammary glands should be done at least once a day, and more often in hot weather. If excessive sweating occurs, hypoallergenic talcs should be used (baby powders are best).

Breast care during pregnancy

During pregnancy, breast care is especially important. Due to hormonal changes in a woman’s body, the skin becomes drier, loses elasticity, and therefore requires increased hydration. Nourish it with oils, creams to avoid stretch marks and sagging.

It should also be noted that the rapid growth of the mammary glands implies additional breast support. Wear a bra that matches your breast size. But do not forget to arrange «air baths» for the skin of the chest. Take off your clothes and let your skin «breathe». This is necessary in order to avoid diaper rash and dermatitis.

Remember to massage your breasts regularly in circular motions. This will relieve tension in the mammary glands and help the skin remain elastic.

Globally, breast care during pregnancy is no different from normal everyday care. But it must be observed much more carefully and regularly.

Follow these simple rules for breast and breast skin care, and let your breasts be a reason for pride for many years to come!

Author: Natalia Kay

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