Botox for hair loss


Botox, a well-known wrinkle remedy, can also successfully fight baldness.

Simon Ourian, a cosmetic surgeon from California, discovered this property of Botox quite by accident. With the help of the drug, he treated his mother for migraine after chemotherapy, as a result of which her hair fell out. By injecting Botox into the mother’s head through injections, the doctor found that her hair began to grow faster. After that, for three years, the cosmetologist and his patients tried various combinations of Botox with vitamins and made the technology more effective. There was no shortage of volunteers among the patients, because if successful, patients could restore lost hair.

After practical experiments, the discovery was confirmed by a series of scientific experiments, and now the drug can be used as a remedy for baldness. The theoretical explanation is that Botox, by dilating blood vessels, allows nutrients to more freely penetrate into the follicles.

For reference:

Botox (Botulinum neurotoxin type A-hemagglutinin complex) is a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria that cause botulism. Small doses of Botox administered by subcutaneous injections block the connection between motor nerve signals and the muscles involved in the formation of wrinkles. It relaxes overactive muscles and smoothes deep wrinkles. The effect of the drug lasts from 2 to 8 months.

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