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Almost every person at least once in his life came to the idea of ​​​​the imperfection of his figure and the desire to change it.

It has long been noted that similar effects affect different people in different ways: where some lose weight, others do not notice changes in their figure, someone, on the contrary, gains weight. This fact can be easily explained by the differences in the structure of the skeleton and the basic ratio of human muscle and fat tissues.

Based on these differences, science distinguishes three basic body types: asthenic (ectomorph), normosthenic (mesomorph) and hypersthenic (endomorph). In reality, a person most often does not belong to one type, and in addition to the main type, features of others are noticeable in his figure. It is quite difficult to change the physique so as to become like another type, so it is important to improve the existing figure, emphasizing your individual strengths.
You can determine your type using the table below.
Table. Body types according to P. N. Bashkirov

body type
Dimensions of body parts relative to body length, %
Dolichomorphic (asthenic)
Mesomorphic (normosthenic)
Brachymorphic (hypersthenic)
Now let’s take a closer look at each body type and highlight the pros and cons of each.
Body type: Asthenic (ectomorph)
Asthenics look fragile and sophisticated. They are usually tall and thin. Due to their high metabolic rate, they have difficulty gaining weight and have a low fat content. The muscles are weakly expressed, not embossed, the contours of the body are angular. Asthenics can afford food excesses, alcohol, while not gaining weight, especially at a young age. With age, fat is deposited mainly on the abdomen. To build muscle tissue, asthenics need to play sports, primarily strength training. Being tall and light weight are advantages in sports such as basketball, running, and pole vaulting. To strengthen bones and prevent the development of osteoporosis in adulthood, asthenics need to follow a diet rich in calcium and fatty acids, and also make sure that their weight is not below normal.
Body type: Normostenik (mesomorph)
People with a normosthenic physique have a proportional muscular figure. Men have broad shoulders and chest, narrow hips. Women of this type often seem to be denser than fragile asthenics, however, a large body mass in normosthenics is due not to fat, but to muscle tissue. People of this type are more fit for sports than others and show better results. Often they have an increased appetite due to high physical activity. Forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle, normosthenics can gain weight due to a positive calorie balance. To become slim and thin, a woman of this type will have to lose not so much fat as muscle tissue. This will lead to a strong slowdown in metabolism. And with increased appetite, maintaining a thin figure can be a very difficult task for her. The best weight loss strategy for normosthenics is to reduce body fat to a minimum through diet while building muscle. A proportional figure without folds of fat is attractive at any time.
Body type: Hypersthenic (endomorph)
Hypersthenics have wide rounded shapes. As a rule, they have a higher fat content than other types. Due to slow metabolism, endomorphs quickly gain weight. They do not like to play sports, preferring to follow a diet if necessary. However, representatives of this type, more than others, need to build muscle tissue. Muscles expend a lot of energy, speeding up the metabolism. To maintain an attractive figure, hypersthenics will have to make a lot of effort. Often, with age, the figure of an endomorph begins to blur more and more, despite physical activity and reasonable nutrition.
It must be understood that any body type has both advantages and disadvantages. And with the right approach, any figure can be changed beyond recognition. We wish you good luck on your way to a beautiful and healthy body!
Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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